“SUPER MOM” – Want to make it big in bodybuilding

“SUPER MOM” – Want to make it big in bodybuilding

Tracy Williams says that most of the time she is called “SUPER MOM”. She is the mother of two and she is also a full-time employee in the private sector. But still, she aims to make it big in the bodybuilding field.

Williams shares

“Everything is like a schedule because I don’t want to take away too much time from my kids, so I try to do a lot of my stuff when they’re busy, like if they’re at school or doing other things,”


She is a former dancer and she has invested her full two and a half years to completely transform her body. “I’ve always been in the gym, but just like not how I am now. I’ve always lifted weights, I’ve always been interested in how to shape your body the way you want to shape it, grow muscle, build muscle, shape it and all that stuff,”


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She says that bodybuilding has ensured that there is an alternative source of income in her family. She shares

“I also own my own business and I have my own fitness app. So, I have clients that I work with as well. My app is actually doing really well. I have about 45 clients that I see, that are online. Everything is done through my app. I send them a full workout plan, a meal plan.”


She aims to “Overall goal is to get to Olympia, which is like the Olympics for bodybuilding, and become Ms. Olympia one day. Hopefully, earn that title and keep that title for a few years and then retire,”


She will be soon seen competing in a bodybuilding show at Shreveport, Louisiana in a few days.

We wish the super mom all the best in her future endeavors. And we wish that she achieves all the success and name and fame in her life.

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