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Top Vibration Platform Machines Reviews

Vibration Platform Machines Reviews

Nowadays people are more conscious of fitness, and they take out time from their busy schedule to exercise and stay fit and healthy. Fitness factors depend on quite a few things like the food that we intake daily, tools or vibration machines used during exercise.

Let us be more specific about the Vibration machines. Vibration machines are the oscillating platforms that can be used as a part of anyone’s exercise program. These vibration platforms vibrate at a specific frequency. These vibration therapies help in improving circulation, muscle tone, bone density and soothing the back pain.

Now we will guess about the top vibration platform machines that one have to check out if he or she is will to buy one for their fitness purpose:

  1. Confidence Fitness Body Vibration platform Machine:

This is one the best-selling models and the most appreciable ones. It is affordable in price and comes with several features that will definitely mesmerize one. The speed is adjustable in this model with a large LCD screen.

Pros of the Machine:

  • Multiple stats can be tracked by this model such as time, body mass and calories burned.
  • The extraordinary feature of this amazing workout machine is that it has yoga straps to our upper body with the arms.
  • It also cambat cellulite with effective result.
  • The functioning of this machine is simple, and so one can start it functions immediately by controlling it.

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  1. Crazy Fit Vibration Whole Body Exercise Machine:

This machine is for the whole body exercise and workout. Some users may find this limited in usage, but the majority will find it useful. This model is portable that that of the others.

Pros of the Machine:

  • This model includes protective caps that prevent its legs from marring floors. It also sports wheels for easy transportation and set-up.
  • Easy-to-read display shows how much time has elapsed per session; sensors can also calculate the user’s BMI.
  • There are 50-speed settings available, along with three pre-programmed exercise routines.



  1. Merax Full Body Crazy Fit Vibration Machine:

This is a whole body vibration machine that helps one to reduce weight and cellulite. Like the Confidence Fitness Body Vibration Platform Machine, this model also has yoga straps for upper body building.

Pros of the Machine:

  • This machine helps to retract foot for adjusting the weight of the machine.
  • It has 50-speed levels to ensure that you get powerful workouts from different speeds.

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  1. Axis Plate Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Machine:

This machine is featured to stay healthy; anyone can get hold of it. One will definitely enjoy the amazing features of this workout machine. The machine is supported by its 1000 watts motor.

Pros of the Machine:

  • 50 different speed settings are available in this body vibration machine.
  • The maximum weight limit is 265 pounds of this machine. The weight capacity can support any customer need.
  • This machine can be used in daily exercise schedule by all.


  1. SDS Fitness Whole Full Body Vibration Plate:

This machine is more advanced with a high weight capacity and usage. It can be used for long period of time.

Pros of the Machine:

  • The maximum weight capacity of this device is about 330 pounds. For this reason, most people are able to get all benefits from this reliable body vibration machine now.
  • All parts of this machine are protected by a 1-year warranty from this company. That give you a term to use for longer.
  • When you buy this vibration platform machine, you will definitely get additional armbands for making one feel comfortable and reliable with this machine

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  1. Sunpentown AB-759 Vibratone Whole Body Machine:

There is a great feature of this Vibration machine that will surely mesmerize one. The features should be highlighted for its quality in this machine.

Pros of the Machine:

  • This model comes with 3 automatic programs. Therefore, one can choose the right program for oneself that is beneficial for them to maintain a healthy body.
  • This vibration machine is a feature with a pivotal oscillating motion that can make one feel comfortable and relax with this machine.
  • The control panel of this machine is easy handled due the automatic processing function.


  1. GForce Professional Whole Body Vibration Machine:

Gforce is that brand name that has been the best from a long time. And the workout machine of GForce is this model.

Pros of the Machine:

  • This vibration platform comes with 60 different speed settings within it. Therefore, one can select the right setting that is good for their own need.
  • The combination of tri-planar vibration and also triangular oscillation can be used by the user which is featured in this powerful body vibration machine.
  • This machine also supports 3 automatic programs as well as 3 users defined the program, for ease to workout.

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