Top 5 Toilet Paper Brands of 2018

Are you dissatisfied with your present Toilet Paper? Are you in search of quality ‘Toilet Paper’? Do you wish to buy a good material at more affordable price? Then this article is a must read for you!!

No matter what in life, Toilet paper is that one thing we cannot live without. So, why not try out some of the best ones in the market? We know there are numbers of Toilet paper brands in the market for you to choose from. But it’s always better to go for the best ones, isn’t it?

So, we have made our list of the Top 5 Toilet Paper available in the market. Read on and purchase the one you find most suitable!!

Note: All the products are available online and offline!

  1. Renova Black Toilet Tissue

If you fancy Black color and in search of a celebrity used Toilet tissue, then you should definitely go for Renova Black Tissue. It is named among the ‘Luxury’ toilet papers and is made in Portugal. Users have said it’s more like a silk than a toilet paper but some also disliked the strong smell!!

Moreover, if you don’t like black color, then Renova also has multiple color options available at Amazon!!

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  1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue, 48 Double Rolls

Looking for a good quality Toilet Paper? Then you should try out this one. This is absolutely odorless and septic safe! It’s also silky smooth, strong and flushable. And it also has an easy to use package. However, many users complained about the smaller rolls!

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  1. Scott Extra Soft Double Roll Tissue 36 roll package

This Tissue Roll promises to give you comfort and quality at the same time at reasonable rates. The thick tissue is extremely soft and good absorbent.  It is also safe for sewer and septic system! It comes in various packages from 4 rolls to 36 rolls. However, the users have said that the papers are more fluffy and thick rather than soft as they claim!!

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  1. Marcal small steps Toilet tissue 16 roll package

This popular Toilet Tissue brand is known among the masses for its premium quality. It is made up of very soft and gentle material. Moreover the best thing about this product is its low cost. It is also easy to use and eco-friendly. However, the down side is its weak tissue material.

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  1. Charmin Basic Toilet Paper 40 Double Roll

If you are in search of a stronger toilet tissue, then this might work for you!! Although the material is extremely soft but it becomes 3 times stronger when it’s get wet, isn’t that cool? Moreover, it’s clog and septic safe!! It has received a number of good reviews in multiple websites. However, some users were unhappy with its small and thin size!!

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Top 5 Toilet Paper Brands of 2018 3
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