Top 5 Reasons to Use a Wooden Brush for Hair

Wooden Brush

Wooden Brush

Are you fed up with losing bunch of hair every time you brush?

Does your plastic brush scrape off your scalp and gives you painful scratches?

Have you tried different hair brushes but not felt good with any one of them?

Last question…. Have you tried wooden hair brush?

No, then you must buy one and I can give you not one, not two but five big reasons to do that. You don’t believe then read this.

Reason 1: Improve scalp and hair condition

Yeah Really!!!! This is not a rocket science and you don’t need a scientist brain to understand this. You must have realized that natural things work great for your body and same thing goes with a wooden brush. The bristles of wooden comb can stimulate your acupressure points on scalp and you will feel like having a scalp massage after combing with wooden brush. This massaging action of this simple tool improves the blood circulation over the scalp which helps in better transport of nutrient to the hair follicles which resulted into new hair growth. The secretion of natural oil i.e. sebum is also regulated and toxins are eliminated through scalp skin which further helps in improving health of your hair.

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Reason 2: Condition your hair

This is not a joke; wooden comb can condition your hair. How? When you comb your hair with a wooden brush then the natural oil (sebum) secreted by your scalp goes down to your entire hair length uniformly and thus condition your hair. The result is, you will get soft, smooth, shiny, glossy and radiant hair.

Reason 3: No injury

My favorite reason!!! These wooden tools will never going to hurt your scalp because wooden combs and brushes have sleek and polished teeth or bristles. They are designed to brush gently on your scalp and hair. Since it is made up of natural resource therefore chances of skin allergy are rare. Some wooden brushes also come with a protective coating.

Reason 4: No static electricity

Have you seen yourself in mirror when your hair is sticking out in every direction just because of your plastic comb? That is because your plastic brush has generated the static electricity after rubbing with your hair. Such thing can never happen with wooden brush as it is bad conductor of electricity. Thus, you can be remaining safe from any damage caused by static electricity. This static electricity also attracts dirt from the environment which gets collected between the teeth of your plastic brushes. But with wooden one you will feel yourself more on clean side.

Reason 5: Versatile and durable

Sometimes, teeth of plastic comb or bristles of plastic brush came out or get broken due to bad quality of plastic but wooden combs and brushes are much durable. Since the teeth and bristles are carved out of wood they are less prone to breakage. The other attractive feature of wooden comb is that you can easily use them while you are blow drying your hair. It will not heat up because wood is bad conductor of heat.

I hope these reasons are enough for you to take a decision about throwing your plastic brush and replacing it with a wooden one. Use natural, Stay safe!!!!

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