Top 5 Healthy Meal Deliveries in Review

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With a hectic lifestyle, it can be damn difficult to keep up with healthy eating. The motivation to whip up a healthy meal flies off the window after a long day. And instead, you opt for pizza delivery, quickly sabotaging your health and fitness goals.

But there are tons of healthy meal delivery services out there with a slew of tantalizing meals and painless food prep. We’ve scoured through the market and rounded up five best meal delivery services that’ll make meal times a breeze.

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Sun Basket

Best choice for Paleo diet fans or restricted dieters.

If you abide by strict diet rules whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, gluten-free, diabetic, vegan or pescatarian, Sun Basket is worth every penny. Their ingredients are USDA certified 99% organic, hormone and antibiotic free, non-GMO and come in environmentally friendly packaging.

And you can throw in everything together in 30 minutes or less. You get 18 weekly mouth-watering delicious recipe options such as chipotle turkey chili and lemongrass shrimp soup all developed by award-winning chefs.

You have the option to mix and match the recipes to suit your menu. New flavors every week to tease your taste buds. No hassle: all the ingredients are pre-portioned. No grocery shopping required

Where do they deliver?

Sun Basket ships to most states in the U.S except Alaska, Montana, Hawaii, and parts of Mexico

How much does it cost?

$72 to $144 for weekly meal plans- ideal for 2 to 4 persons and $6 for delivery.

Home Chef

Best choice for a strict foodie who loves the classics

If you are a lover of fine dining or you’re just a picky eater Home Chef gives you tasty and healthy food at the comfort of your home. They have a convenient and affordable menu featuring a variety of 26 weekly meal options, and you can choose from all sorts of diets including low carb, gluten free, vegetarian and soy free meals.

Their home delivery kits make classic dishes affordable for the average home chef. Fall in love with their titillating delicacies including sesame chicken, nietnamese pork kebabs and salmon bagels. What’s more, their flexible membership allows you to cancel your order anytime you want.

You spend 30 minutes or less to whip up the mouthwatering dishes and even if you are a beginner chef not to worry. Their easy to follow recipe cards will leave you feeling like a culinary wizard when you put together these meals.

The ingredients also come in recyclable packaging with and instructions on how to dispose of on their website. The delivery service is flexible, and you can set your menus five weeks in advance giving you plenty of time to plan.

Where do they deliver?

Home Chef services are available across 98% of U.S states.

How much does it cost?

$40 to $358 for weekly meal plans and $10 for shipping

Hello Fresh

Best choice for newbie chefs

If you have beginner cooking skills or you’re just figuring your way out in the kitchen, Hello Fresh is your ideal choice. A delivery service you can customize to fit your meal needs. Expect 15 new tantalizing and exotic recipes every week in either 2 or 4 person servings.

Their meals are easy to follow with minimal step by step instructions.

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What’s great is you get to choose your recipes based on the cooking difficulty, and each recipe comes with a recipe card with detailed instructions and pictures to boost your kitchen skills. The dinner recipes come with extra ingredients and guidelines to help you tweak the leftovers for sumptuous next day lunch meals.

Here’s the cherry on top: they have a wine club from which you can get six bottles delivered per month? You can cancel any time with no commitment. Their delicious balsamic chicken, cranberry apple pork chops and apricot glazed chicken are to die for.

Where do they deliver?

They deliver across all U.S states.

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at $60 to $96 for weekly meal plans + $6 for shipping.

Blue Apron

Best choice for the traditional cook who loves simple dishes.

Everything you could need to whip up a sumptuous dish arrives at your doorstep when you opt for Blue Apron. It features farm fresh, USDA certified organic ingredients, sustainably sourced seafood and seasonal produce. It is one of the best meal delivery services, and for a good reason, they are damn good at what they do.

They have since shipped more than 8 million meal prep kits across the globe since its conception in 2012. Each ingredient is accurately measured, proportioned, packaged with step by step instructions that are simple to follow. They feature 13 delicious chef-designed recipes based on the Mediterranean diet and are just delicious.

You can whip up a fantastic meal with unique tastes in 45 minutes or less, and the kits come in recyclable packaging. You need to sign up for a plan, but you can do so for at least two recipes for two people a week. Their menu is packed with classic treats your whole family can enjoy like their Indian style crisp cauliflower and gnocchi in creamy tomato sauce.

The food is both vegetarian and omnivore friendly, and you can have wine delivered with your food too.

Where do they deliver?

Delivers across most U.S states

How much does it cost?

$48 to $120 for meal plans, shipping included.

Martha and Marley Spoon

Best choice for a Martha Stewart superfan

A creation by America’s most beloved and trusted chef and for a pretty kickass price you get some kickass grub. Martha and Marley spoon review prides itself for bringing you the best of Martha Stewart’s recipes to your kitchen. The food is so tasty; it’s like a gourmet meal.

With more than 18,000 recipes from in-house nutritionists, Martha and Marley’s spoon is all about top-notch ingredients with perfectly portioned products with artisanal vinegar and grass-fed beef, so you are left with no food waste.

Great if you want to whip up a Martha Stewart recipe and you don’t want to go to the supermarket. They are designed with easy weeknight cooking in mind and feature incredible dishes such as the buttery garlic chicken and two-cheese polenta.

Signing up is simple, and they offer a flexible subscription which allows you to plan up to 5 weeks in advance and skip a week, and you can cancel whenever you want.

Where do they deliver?

Across all the U.S states

How much does it cost?

$48 to $131 for weekly meal plans, shipping included.

Bottom line

One crucial component of a healthy and fit body is a nutritious and balanced diet. Meal delivery services are a great way to ensure you stick to healthy eating choices and achieve your fitness goals.

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