Three Qualities That Your Partner Must Have To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage

Three Qualities That Your Partner Must Have To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage 5

Suppose you are given two adjectives, one adjective is ‘easy’ and another one is ‘difficult’. Now keeping these two adjectives in mind which one would you match with these two words- love and marriage. You just have one minute to make your final choice.

So how many of you choose easy for love and difficult for marriage? It wouldn’t be a surprise if I’ll say that most of you must have made the same match as I have mentioned above. Now, for a second, just wonder on what basis did you connect these two words with such confidence. This is something complicated to answer. Let me speak on your behalf. Love is not easy but if you’ll compare it to marriage it is much much easier right? The reason behind this is that love is something private and marriage is something that has to be shared on a social level and involves many people.

Keeping this thought in your mind what is the second factor that compelled you to go for this match. Definitely, it’s your parents. When you think about marrying someone you love, the first question that strikes your mind is how you’ll convince your parents for love marriage? The second question that’ll come in your mind soon after this one is will you have love or arranged marriage?

If you don’t want to make things complicated for yourself then before speaking to your parents about your love think twice and analyze if your partners possess the following three qualities:

1. Loyalty

This is a very important factor that your partner must have if you both are planning to marry each other. Can you trust your partner? Are you sure that he’ll stick to you forever no matter how much better options come before him? Ask these two questions and be honest with yourself. If you won’t feel that he’s loyal then how will you convince your parents that he’ll be by your side for the rest of your life.

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2. Respect

Every girl wants a partner who not only respects her but respects every person around him. It makes her feel proud of her partner and gives her the assurity that he’ll always respect her parents even if they’ll treat him harshly. So clear this our first and observe him on how he treats people around him. If is language is too foul and he always uses harsh comments distinguishing class, etc then you should give it a second thought.

3. Maturity

When you fall in love with a guy you automatically fall for his negative as well as positive factors but that seriously won’t work if you’re planning marriage. To ensure that your parents support your love in the future you should figure out if your partner is understanding or not. Does he posses the maturity that every parents would wish to see in their son-in-law? Quarreling at times is fine but if it happens too often your love isn’t strong and definitely, your parents will be able to see it clearly.

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