Three Occasions When You Won’t Be Around When A Patient Calls

Patient Calls

Being unavailable when one of your patients is in need of assistance is not a situation that you would like to be in. If you have a large list of patients that you manage, you likely have felt guilty for not being around when a patient called and had a serious problem. It would sound like you are acting rather negligent, even though you are simply not there to answer your phone, but that still can lead to your practice’s reputation taking a dip. If you are rather starting a doctor’s office on your own and are just beginning to accept new patients, this is a problem that you should anticipate once you get even more of the same.

Allow the best doctors answering service to handle calls any and all times of the day when you are not around. An answering service will answer the phone on your behalf, even if nobody is in the office. They will take care of every one of your patient’s needs so you won’t have to address the same.

Here are all the possible occasions in which an answering service could answer the phone for you:

After Hours

You have a life too. We totally understand that you would like to take time to enjoy it when you are not at work. To avoid any missed calls, doctors opt to stay and work overtime or hire an assistant to answer the phone during after hours, but with doctors answering service, neither of those things would be necessary. Leave your office when you need to and the call representatives who work with you will take it from there. Sleep and rest easy at night knowing that trained representatives will answer any and all calls at your office when need be.

During Procedures

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Of course, there can also be times in which you’ll be in the office, but will also be unavailable. If you do checkups or procedures for patients regularly, you likely have your hands full and are in no position to answer a phone. While doctors commonly have secretaries answering their phones for them during the day, not every practice is like this, and you might not have somebody available all day to cover for you. With a medical answering service, any call that isn’t picked up by your office will be forwarded to a live professional who will tend to the needs of your patients on your behalf.

Weekends, Holidays, And Vacations

No matter what, you undoubtedly deserve a break from the office after long, grueling weeks, or even months. Weekends, holidays, and vacations should be times in which you need to recharge your batteries and get away from the mundane grind. At the same time, though, pain and sickness are two things that don’t take vacations, unfortunately. Not being at your office will make it seem like you are irresponsible while you are doing something or going someplace fun and/or relaxing, so a medical answering service can make sure that that doesn’t happen. If a patient needs to talk directly to you, your answering service can oblige to transfer the patient’s call to your personal phone in case of emergencies. They can happen at any place and any time, so don’t plan to travel to China as often, as you still need to have accessibility to your patients.

There truly are no downsides to answering services for medical practices. They cost less than hiring another employee, they work for you at times when you are not around, and they can effectively make as well as save you money.

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