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Why Narendra Modi Sleeps Less? How Healthy is He?

Twitterati became active when Akshay Kumar on April 21 tweeted that he is entering into unknown territory. No one knew that he was going to interview one of the most important men of present times. Yes, the Khiladi of Bollywood interviewed the political Khiladi Narendra Modi. The nation got hold of the complete interview on 23rd April 9 PM and since then the highly viral Non-political interview has it’s an equal share of hilarious moments.

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1. Let’s begin with one of my most loved moment of the interview. Mango which is no more an Aam Aadmi fruit is loved by all of us and PM Modi as well. You would be amazed to know that this was the first question Akshay Kumar asked our beloved PM. Now, between all this election unrest, what an idea Sirji, Of course, this interview was touted as the non-political one but I am finding it extremely difficult to control my laughter at this point.

The Very Famous Non – Political Interview

2. Secondly, the beautiful girl in me popped out when Modi Ji said that he barely manages to sleep for 3-3.5 hours. I was looking for dark circles on his face. I even googled a number of his close up pictures to see if there is any dark circle thing. Now, I am really intrigued to know what is his skincare secret. Or does he also has talented makeup people just like his interviewer? Or should I say castor oil does the trick here?

The Very Famous Non – Political Interview

3. And most important of all the entire nation including our tough nut bosses would also be watching this video. And then you are expected to be working round the clock and sleep only for 3-3.5 hours. Dude that’s not working for me or for anyone of us. I love my sleep and I am already deprived of the same thanks to Netflix and GOT. And just to add Mister PM has made the night difficult for us.

The Very Famous Non – Political Interview

4. Kailash Parvat got a tourism boost in this video. And all the travelers got a hint of how to lighten their bag during this trip. Just don’t carry anything else other than the real castor oil. This will prevent your skin in those harsh cold region. And if not you know who to blame right?

The Very Famous Non – Political Interview

5. No wonder why I overstuff my resume with self-praise? Now, I have got the perfect inspiration for how to conduct a face to face interview also in a similar manner. Just narrate a story with each question which has the major intention of “Me Being the best”.

6. Anger management skills which PM Modi shared during this highly scripted interview is surely hats off. I just have one request to Mr. PM. Why doesn’t he teach some of his twitter followers who pour their heart out on every tweet which is against Modi some anger management skills? This would make Twitter a much more peaceful place to be.

7. And last but not least, Modi also had his share of laugh when he highlighted his importance in the domestic life of Akshay Kumar. We all know that Akshay’s wife aka Twinkle is not very cordial with Modi and the whole social media is witness to that. But when he said that because of him, Akshay has a peaceful family life OMG that was the golden moment of the entire 70 minute long interview. Even our Kumar couldn’t figure out where to look for.

The Very Famous Non – Political Interview

That was my take on the Non Political interview. This is surely a huge breather in this political unrest times. And I would like to definitely say that both Modi and Akshay Kumar understands the importance of laughter and entertainment in the life of Mango people.

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