The Usual Suspects: Common Jacksonville Pests

The Usual Suspects: Common Jacksonville Pests 1

One of the best things about living in Florida is the year-round warm weather. We are not the only ones that enjoy the subtropical climate. Unfortunately, there are many pests that thrive in this area due to the lack of continued cold temperatures. These are some of the most common pests found in the Jacksonville area and tips for how to get rid of them.


They live in ant piles outside and can easily make their way indoors. To treat an outdoor problem, insecticide granules can be placed on their mounds and for an indoor solution baits and traps can be used. Clean counters and floors along with keeping food sealed can further help prevent further ant infestation.

Bed Bugs

Pesky and hard to get rid of, bed bugs are light brown with an oval-shaped bottom. They are often found on or under mattresses and leave small, red bites. Bedding, clothing, stuffed animals, etc. all need to be washed in hot water while the beds and sofas are being treated with bed bug killing spray and not returned until the area is completely bed bug free.


It doesn’t take much for cockroaches to get into a home, and when they do, they are usually in the kitchen. There are several types of roaches, but they are all brown and look like a beetle. Tiny cracks or holes are often how they initially enter. Dripping pipes or faucets are a major appeal. The best ways to fight roach infestation is to deprive them of food and water sources by exceptional cleaning while also using baits for the roaches to take back to the nest.


These tiny insects are shades of brown and the size of a pinhead. They are notorious for their ability to jump and quickly reproduce. Pets often bring fleas into a home where they get into the carpet, beds, sofas, and other soft surfaces. Regular vacuuming, washing linens and clothes in hot water and ridding the pet of the fleas through medication or a flea bath are the most effective methods of removal.

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These winged insects can vary in size, but they all are equally annoying. Mosquitos love still water because it is where they lay their eggs. Dump and drain any standing water, especially after it rains.


Mice and rats are grey, white, or brown and leave behind droppings and chewed up items. Traps and baits can be used in warm, dry areas near a food source.


Termites can be translucent or brown with notable pincers. You can identify an infestation by looking for their bite patterns. Termites cause terrible structural damage and are challenging to track. Often, professional help is needed to end the problem.


Black and yellow with brown nests, wasp prefer to build their homes in dry areas like an awning, under roofs, in mailboxes, playgrounds, and so on. The nests can be sprayed with insecticide until the inhabitants are gone.

There’s no reason to put up with pests invading your home or business. When at-home methods fail to work it is time to call in the locally renowned professionals at . These trained professionals can tackle infestations of any size and from any pest. Trust Turner Pest to turn your home or business back to normal while also preventing future stressful infestations.

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