The Ultimate List of Weight Training Exercises and Its Benefits

The Ultimate List of Weight Training Exercises and Its Benefits

Weight training is one of the most effective forms of exercises which help in development of skeletal system in terms of strength and size. This approach requires various weights of different shape and sizes such as dumbbell, barbell. It also requires heavy workout equipments and accessories to enhance the effectiveness, safety and support during exercises for example leg press machine, rowing machine, safety racks etc. The weight training exercises has been evolved in many decades and many other forms have been also added to this strength training approach.

Here we are discussing some of the best training exercises and their benefits:


This exercise targets the shoulders and other muscles such as Abdominals, Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings, Lower Back, Middle Back, Quadriceps, Shoulders, Traps, and Triceps. The steps are simple and one can learn it in five to ten minutes time. You have to pick the weight off the ground and bring it overhead. The clean and press with a straight bar can strain your wrist and elbows but a log with neutral grip is much better with this type of workout. A dumbbell clean and press is a great substitute in case of absence of log. You can consider yourself a beast if you can do 12 rounds of 75 pounds log or dumbbell clean and press.

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  • Lift the log off the ground and bring it in your lap by bending your torso and knees. Position the log against your chest by tucking your chin down and rounding your back.
  • Lean back and roll the log upwards into rack position by pushing your elbows upward and squeezing them towards each other.
  • Lower down your hips and knees slightly and in a one swift motion position the log over your head by standing straight into a locked out position.


  • It helps in enhancing the upper body stability as this workout requires holding a heavy weight overhead while standing.
  • It increases your gripping ability and stamina.
  • It increases the thickness in the upper back and strengthens the posterior chain.

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This is considered as one of the best core training exercise but it not just works on the core muscle. It is also effective for shoulder stability, thoracic mobility, Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Lower Back, Abs, Obliques, Pecs, Traps, and Triceps etc. This workout makes you immune to injuries and surfaces your weak points which require more attention. This workout includes various natural body movement patterns.


  • Lie on your back and hold a dumbbell in your right hand with arms fully stretched above your chest. Right leg should be bent at knee and left leg fully stretched. Left hand should also lie beside the torso.
  • Uplift your torso by keeping your right hand (holding the dumbbell) stretched in air.
  • Bring up your hips off the floor by bending the left leg at the knee behind you and right leg in front of you. Support your torso by placing your left hand on the floor. Keep the right hand stretched as in the initial position.
  • Stand up straight with feet hip width apart. Maintain the right hand in its initial position throughout the workout.
  • Lower down the right hand and repeat the sequence for the left part.


  • Stimulates cross lateralization means to make the right brain work for the left side and vice versa.
  • Increases stability of upper and lower body.
  • Increases the reflex action of the trunk, legs and hands.
  • Coordinate the right arm to left leg and vice versa
  • Stimulates the vestibular or balancing system of the body
  • Stimulates the visual system
  • Stimulates the proprioception system
  • Enhances spatial awareness
  • Helps in developing a front/back weight shift

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This type of deadlift requires a trap bar or hex bar which is a great substitute of both conventional straight bar deadlift and squats as well as very back friendly equipment. This exercise mainly targets the quadriceps and other muscles like glutes and hamstrings.


  • Load a trap/hex bar with appropriate weight. Stand in the space provided in the middle of trap bar and grasp the handles.
  • Lower down your body by keeping a straight back and head facing forward.
  • Pull up the trap bar to the pelvis level and hold the position for 30 seconds.
  • Bring down the trap bar as in original position.
  • Repeat the steps for 8 – 10 times.


  • Ideal for people recovering from lower back pain.
  • The best exercise for beginners.
  • Produces significant levels of peak force, power and velocity.
  • Allow you to lift more weight for longer duration.
  • Reduces the risk of injury and enhances power.
  • Prevents scraping of the shins.
  • Simple, easy and effective technique.

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This is the simplest but most effective strongman exercise which just needs you to pick up heavy weights in your hands and do walking as much as you can. Another feature of this exercise is that you can do lots of experiment with it by coupling it with different heavy weight articles like dumbbells, loaded bar, barbell etc. some version of this exercise are:

  • Walking with heavy dumbbells
  • Deadlift a loaded bar and walking with it
  • Carry heavy dumbbell or barbell in one hand positioned over head

This exercise targets the forearms and other muscles of Abdominals, Glutes, Hamstrings, Lower Back, Quadriceps, Traps


  • Stand between two heavy weight articles such as barbell, dumbbell etc.
  • Grab them in each hand and place them beside your body while keeping a straight back and head facing forward.
  • Walk with heavy weights as much as you can.


  • Strengthens your grip which means you can lift more weight and build more muscles
  • Improves conditioning, mental tenacity and work efficiency
  • Trains the abdominal wall, external obliques and quadratus lumborum to develop stability in the trunk.
  • Improves the glenohumeral and scapular positioning to give a stronger and more stable shoulder.
  • Builds lean muscle mass and hypertrophy


This is a best exercise option for building chest because it cut down the risk of injuries and affects the Pecs especially the upper one which is lacked by many people. This exercise is also less stressful for the shoulders.


  • Lie on your back at the bench inclined at the angle of 15 – 30 degrees. Lift off the bar from its rack and position it over your head with locked arms.
  • Bring it down until it touches your upper chest and then pull it back upwards.
  • Repeat the steps as much as you can and put the bar back on the rack when you finish the workout.


  • Develops a deep and thickly muscled chest.
  • Safe and effective exercise for the chest muscles
  • Prevents upper back injury


This is an easy and simple exercise which targets the middle back, biceps, lats and shoulders.


  • Place your right hand and leg on a flat bench in such a way that your body becomes parallel to the floor. Place your left leg stretched on the floor and hold a dumbbell in your left hand stretched downwards.
  • Bring up the dumbbell near your chest region by bending the elbow. Keep other parts of the body in its original position.
  • Repeat the steps as much as you can and then switch the sides.


  • Simple implementation of the exercise
  • Gives you a well defined arms and back
  • Great exercise for the athletes which are involves in contact sports such as rugby, football or martial arts.


This is the ultimate thigh blaster which minimizes the risk of lower back injury but it is not recommended for the beginners as it is a bit different from the normal squat.


  • Stand into the squat rack facing the safety barbell and adjust it to your chest level.
  • Place your hands on the yoke or safety bars
  • Dismount the bar and step back
  • Squat down by bending your knees and hold it for a breath
  • Stand up again with straight posture
  • Repeat the steps for 8 times


  • It is comfortable and doesn’t stress the wrists
  • Strengthens the lower body and back
  • It is easy on the shoulders
  • Improves your squat position
  • You can lift more weights with injuring yourself

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