The Pros and Cons of Working with MLM Nutrition Companies


    The best MLM companies that cater to the nutrition and fitness niche often approach health professionals in hope that they would sell their products to their influential client base.

    As we know, MLM products are neither available on an online medium or a brick and mortar location. Instead, they are sold through sales rep that not only market the products but also recruit other sales personnel who work under them and gain a percentage of the revenue.

    However, should a health consultant or a personal trainer should consider promoting these products? Would it be beneficial for their profession? To help you make the decision, here are some pros and cons that should be kept in mind when considering MLM nutrition companies.

    Pros: You will get all the information regarding the product from the sales rep

    The sales rep enlisted to market the health products are very knowledgeable and will give you detailed information regarding the product including the ingredients list, fact sheets, and results. They even allow the promoters to try out the product for certain weeks in hope that you will join and assist them in sales.

    Cons: You might be bombarded with proposals

    The sales team are usually very aggressive and do everything they can to convince you to join them as a sales rep. this means showing up at your doorstep at the odd times and calling you when it’s the most inconvenient. The best way to avoid them, simply says outright that you are uninterested and save your sanity.

    Pros: The direct sales strategy is flexible

    An MLM sale can be done from anywhere, anytime. This means that you are free to work as much and as little as you want. This makes it an ideal opportunity for those who wish to increase their revenue without disrupting their work schedule.

    Cons: The client may not appreciate

    Although you may be advising the client to try a certain product, they might not approve and may consider it more of a sale pitch rather than a recommendation. Since the majority of clients come to you for counseling, we advise that you remain truthful about your association with the MLM Company.

    Pros: Your revenue will increase significantly

    The MLM industry is growing rapidly and if you decide to become affiliated with a certain product – then get ready as you will be adding a sufficient income to your overall revenue.

    A word of caution

    Although representing an MLM product may seem like an attractive opportunity – we recommend that you be very wary about the medical claims that you make. For example, some supplements promote to “cure” illness completely. However, as a medical professional, make sure you read up on your scope of practice and adhere to the legal guidelines.

    Final words

    Becoming a sales rep for an MLM company is a great prospect for individuals who have the knowledge of health and wellness products. It is also one of the most fruitful ways to grow your income. According to the data provided by Direct Sales Association in 2015, the MLM industry adds more than $36 billion to the growing American economy. Today, millions of Americans are involved with the direct sales and find it one of the most profitable sources of income.

    However, before connecting with a direct sales program, ensure that you take incomplete information about the program, their products, and reputation in the industry. With time, you will gradually grow your income. However, make sure that you keep the client’s best interest first.

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