The Ins and Outs of Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss methods - effective weight loss strategies

Whether for health reasons, in preparation for a special occasion, or simply to achieve the body you desire, shedding a few surplus pounds is something that many of us find ourselves arduously tasked with. In a world of fast food and even faster lives, there are numerous pitfalls awaiting us all on every we undertake.

With millions of companies around the world quick to recognize, and reap the rewards of, the lucrative world of dieting. Meal planning and the gamification of weight loss are commonplace in our lives. It is all too easy to become stuck on the merry-go-round of weight loss and gain. Whilst some people realize initial success as they drop the pounds, very few manage to maintain the weight loss they achieve and find themselves back at the beginning of their in less than a year of their initial loss.

Short term and highly restrictive diets offer nothing more than short term results. However, there is an alternative to the perpetual ins and outs of dieting fads. Weight loss medication, together with a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and a basic level of nutritional education can help you to lose weight and, better still, maintain your desired weight.

The lifestyle choices that are required to achieve the perfect weight loss you have always dreamed of.

Here we take a close look at the weight loss medications that are available:


When taken alongside regular exercise and calorie controlled diet, Xenical is highly effective in aiding weight loss and maintaining your target weight. In order to be metabolized by the body, the fat you eat needs to be broken down by a natural enzyme created within the body. Xenical works to block the production of the enzyme and therefore fat is not broken down, used, or stored in the body. Instead passes out of the body via the bowel and is not available to the body for energy. As a result, the body turns to already stored fat as an energy source and burns the unwanted fat that is sitting beneath your skin.

It provides a highly effective way to force your body to use the reserves that it already has without the need to store the fat that you eat. Easy to swallow tablets are taken with a meal containing fat and weight loss begins within two weeks. Together with a calorie controlled diet that pays careful attention to carbs and sugar intake, Xenical is proven to be highly effective in the battle against fat and as a bonus, it is accessible, including online with sites like


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The combination of medicines in Mysimba works on the brain to suppress hunger and the food cravings that are so often the culprit of broken diets and ineffective weight loss… Mysimba contains two medicines: naltrexone and bupropion. The combination of the medicines, as seen in Mysimba, is new and it is the way in which they work together that makes them so effective. Naltrexone, a drug used previously to reduce cravings in those with alcohol dependence, helps to reduce food cravings, making it easier to resist the high carb, high reward foods that contribute to obesity related diabetes. Bupropion, traditionally used as an antidepressant and a smoking cessation medicine, helps to reduce appetite and makes you feel more satisfied after eating. The combination of these medicines results in a highly effective weight loss medication that could result in a 5% loss of body weight within sixteen weeks.


Saxenda is a recent arrival to the weight loss medication scene. It contains a medication called liraglutide and is available in a pre-filled pen and administered via injection. The active ingredients in the medicine act on the body’s appetite-regulating substance and work to make you feel less hungry and more full. Alongside a healthy lifestyle and a calorie controlled diet, Saxenda is proven to result in weight loss and weight loss maintenance. Saxenda helps you to feel in control of what you are eating and your weight loss journey due to the reduced appetite experienced when taking it.

The other ways to Reduce your Weight Loss:

Counting Calories

Whilst the medicines described here will help to achieve weight loss, they do not negate the need to eat a calorie controlled diet. If you eat more energy than your body needs then it will store the energy – in the form of fat – for a ‘rainy day’. Therefore, counting calories and ensuring a deficit must take place alongside the use of weight loss medication. It is important to think about the source of calories too and to limit the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in your diet as these lead to high levels of insulin production and insulin resistant diabetes.


Exercising plays an important role in many areas of our lives, and weight loss is no exception. Calling upon your body to use the energy you consume is a key factor in realizing effective weight loss and maintaining weight loss once you have achieved it.

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