The Impact of Exercise on Your Mental Health

impact of exercise

When people think about the importance of exercise, they tend to think of it in a more physical manner. They want to lose weight to feel more energetic, have better appearance, and to test their limits. What they may not have realized is the mental impact that exercise has on you.

Here are some reasons why exercise can help with your overall mental health:

It Just Makes You Feel Happier

When you work out, you release endorphins in your brains. Endorphins can help relieve pain, which is good thing (though you should strive to stay safe while working out too) but it also has that happy feeling you get while taking some painkillers.

We don’t need to tell you why happiness is good for your mental health. If you are having depression or anxiety, exercise can definitely calm you down and make you feel great.

Exercise Gets You on a Routine

If you’re depressed, one of the best ways to treat it is to get back on a routine. Depression can make you fall out of a routine, and by getting back on one, you are helping to reverse its effects. Odds are, you have a certain time where you work out, and you do like to stick to it. If that’s the case, then you should definitely stay on a routine and don’t try to break it unless you really have to.

It Improves Your Confidence

Looks aren’t everything. It’s entirely possible to be confident when your body isn’t up to the standards that everyone else has set to it. However, seeing your strength increase can be a confidence booster, and a good sense of self-esteem is a definite improvement to your mental health.

Exercise Can Help You Sleep Better

Having trouble sleeping is something that many people suffer from. Sleeping needs to vary, but generally, 7-8 hours is what you’re going to need. There are many ways you can sleep better. If you’ve ever had insomnia, you may have found yourself reading article after article about it. One thing you can do is work out. By working out, you’re tiring out your body and guaranteeing a better night’s sleep. With that said, don’t work out too close to the bed, as you may feel energetic afterward.

Exercise Can Improve Your Social Circle

If you are doing yoga or working out in a class, this can increase your social circle and allow you to make friends. Social needs are definitely a part of mental healthcare, and we highly recommend you have some interactions with others whenever possible. We say that it’s definitely worth trying.

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You don’t even have to work out with strangers. Working out with your family can definitely increase your bonds with them.

It Requires Some Strategy And Planning

Some people go into workouts without any strategy, but you really should have a plan of action. Mixing it up, increasing the ante, and being able to get past any plateau effects are just a few examples.

If You Need More Mental Healthcare, Seek Help

Some people are severely depressed and that prevents them from working out. And even if you do work out, it’s not a magic cure-all for your problems. Speaking to a counselor is definitely a good option if you want to get the help you deserve.

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever, too. Online counseling can help those who stay at home or travel a lot get the care they need.

If you want to find an online counselor, click here for more information on how you can do so.

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