The Healthier Way, You Should Dry Hair

The Healthier Way, You Should Dry Hair

You must have heard that the heat of blow dryer can damage your hair then the best way to dry your hair according to you is air drying. But if you are having very limited time then is it possible to air dry your hair and besides that can air drying makes your hair shiny. A recent study in Korea has found that you can improve your hair condition by using a blow dryer with right technique.

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But you have to understand bit of your hair anatomy before that. Your hair is made up of an external part known as cuticle and an internal region namely cortex. When the outer protective layer (cuticle) remains intact then your hair doesn’t break and looks healthy. But too much supply of heat from the blow dryer can reach up to the cortex and trap the water inside it and make it boil which totally damage the hair.

You must be thinking that air drying is a safe option but the study has also concluded that when hair comes in contact with water then it start to swell and the longer this swelling goes the pressure increases on the outer lay of the hair and it will damage the hair protein means damage to cuticle. And air drying takes lot of time means it will cause more swelling of cuticle. Therefore, using a blow dryer at right distance and right temperature can actually do a better job than air drying.

Correct way to blow dry your hair

Let your hair (about 70 – 80 percent) dry naturally then set your blow dryer on the coolest setting. Keep your dryer at six inches away from your hair all the time and move it around continuously to get gorgeous and healthy without any damage.

Dry Hair
Dry Hair

Towel dry

This is the other popular way of safe drying of hair. First let all the remaining water in your hair drip away and when there is no extra water left in your hair, slowly rub it with a soft towel. Avoid vigorous rubbing as it can cause tangles, damage the cuticles and mechanically break the weak strands. Start blotting your hair gently from top of the hair and move towards the ends. When you are done with rubbing, wrap it around your hair to absorb the extra moisture in your hair.

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Remove the towel and apply a leave in conditioner or hair serum according to your hair type. These will help you in detangling of hair and also makes them shiny and silky. Just take little amount of conditioner or serum on your palm and gently rub on hair strands. Don’t comb your hair as it can still be little damp. Let it air dry for some time and then detangle your hair by running your fingers through them. When you feel that it is completely dry then takes a wide toothed comb and gently combs the strands. Towel drying your hair can cut down the time period of air drying significantly.

Hair care tips for wet hair

  • Try these tips to keep your hair away from damage and maintain the lustrous locks
  • Never tie or style your hair in wet condition as it can damage the cuticle and increase tangling in hair
  • Don’t brush it when it is damp because mechanical action of brushing can cause breakage of hair strands
  • Never use extremely cold or hot water on your hair because hair and scalp region is very sensitive to temperature and you can easily have headache or cold
  • Use normal water for washing your color treated hair to prevent fading of hair color
  • Always use a mild shampoo followed by a good quality condition during the hair wash

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