The Broken Promise

The Broken Promise

“Promise me Soheib, just promise me, we will never break up and will never stop loving each other. Promise me that your heart will always beat for me and only me. Promise me that you will never break my trust,” cried Alisha.

Something was disturbing her badly and I was able to see that in her eyes. She wanted to convey a lot but was falling short of words. I wiped her tears and hugged her badly in order to hear her heartbeats. She was lost and so was I, but we were not sure of the reason. We felt the presence of a third person in our lives but that person was still invisible. She saw me going away day by day but was not able to stop me. I wanted to be with her but a force pulled me away from her. I was about to hold her hand when I saw that she was walking away. I shouted out her name several times and requested her to stop, she wasn’t ready to listen.

“No,” I shouted loudly and I realized that it was a dream. Hearing my scream Sarika immediately woke up. She was sleeping next to me and yes she was my present girlfriend. She placed her palm over my head and stroked it slowly. I felt better.

“Baby, just relax, I am here with you. You must have had a nightmare again. I am sure of that,” she said.

One thing I liked about her the most was that she knew well how to get me back whenever I am going in the wrong direction. She was there to guide me and I have shared many intimate moments with her. I won’t call it love but I was trying to fall in love with her. Unfortunately, my past wasn’t allowing me to do so. She was my everything except my soulmate as I never felt the heart to heart connection with her. She was the only girl who was close to me yet not in my heart.

She might be madly in love with me but I always felt sorry for her as she was wasting her feelings for someone who actually didn’t deserve her love. We continued to cuddle each other and finally managed to sleep at last.

Next morning when I woke up I was looking for her. She was nowhere at home. Suddenly I heard a beep on my mobile. I saw Sarika’s message on Whatsapp. She was planning a date at a restaurant that day. She asked me to be there sharp at 9. I passed a smirk and got out of my bed still pondering over the dream I had last night. I wanted to fall in love again but didn’t wish to erase Alisha’s memories out of my life. I still remember the romantic dates we had in the past.

(5 years ago)

I was late for the date and it was my first date with Alisha. What will she think that I have taken the first date so lightly? She is a girl after all and wouldn’t stop complaining. I hope she won’t be hurt. I was an hour late but it isn’t my fault if I slept and woke up late though unintentionally. Finally, my car stopped before the venue. I quickly got out of my car, locked it and rushed in the restaurant. I saw her waiting for me and truly her beauty just made me forget the situation I was in. She was looking sizzling and I felt so jealous when I saw guys around her staring her too. I walked towards her. She turned her face in my direction and passed an innocent expression. I just felt like kissing her cheeks there and then but it was a public place and so I couldn’t display my emotions openly.

Before I could say anything she got up and started shouting at me (softly). “Is this the time to come? Why are you so late? I’ve been waiting since……”

I placed my finger on her lips and replied, “I know I am at fault. I give you two choices- either forgive me or punish me. My princess’s order will be the final one. I just want to say that you look adorable when you make these innocent faces when you’re angry. I love when you shout at me like this. I love when you care for me. I just love you Alisha.”

She forgot that she was angry and immediately got melted my words. She blushed and I pulled her chin upwards with my fingers.

“I love you too, I forgive you my love but this should be the last time you’re late. Next time you won’t get forgiveness.”

“I promise you Alisha that this smile won’t fade and we will be together like this always.”

“You are just so sweet but please let’s talk later. My stomach is badly growling. It needs something to eat now.”

The date was going on perfectly until I received a call that I shouldn’t have received as I never knew it would disturb her and hurt her. I saw thirteen missed calls of Sarika.

“Hi Sarika, what’s up?” I asked.

“Soheib I am not feeling well. I need to go to the hospital but I am just not able to go all alone. Please can you come here and help me,” she requested.

I was in a dilemma. If I leave, Alisha will be hurt and if I don’t Sarika will be hurt. One was my bff and one my gf. Whom should I choose?

“Everything okay?” asked Alisha.

“Actually, I won’t lie to you. Sarika is not well and she wants me to accompany her to the hospital. She won’t be able to go alone as she is not well. Baby if you allow me please can I go. Please forgive me for doing so on our first date but I have to go,” I pleaded.

“Soheib, are you sure? Is she seriously?”

“Alisha how can you be so cruel? A girl is in pain and you want me to stay here. These dates will keep on happening but how can you forget humanity.”

“Don’t yell at me. Just go, I won’t complain I promise.”

She was upset and I could see that. I think I overreacted. I felt guilty and hugged her.

“Baby I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to be so cruel to you. I promise to make it up to you when I’ll be back.”

“Promise me Soheib, just promise me, we will never break up and will never stop loving each other. Promise me that your heart will always beat for me and only me. Promise me that you will never break my trust,” cried Alisha.

“Why are you being so emotional, I am not leaving you?”

Saying so, I left her there and I didn’t realize what I did to her. She felt heart-broken and I was not able to wipe her tears. I did go that day and had all the intentions to return but I never knew that I will never return back to her. She kept on waiting for me but destiny didn’t favour our love story.

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