The 9 Keys to Great Sex in a Relationship

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Every individual is unique, because of this, the definition of great sex differs. To have a happy, fulfilling sex life partners would need to set their own new sex rules. These 9 keys are not the ultimate, but important tips to help individuals set up rules in other to have great sex in their relationships.

Understand the Body Map of Your Partner

This is another very important key that can help you unlock great sex in your relationship. What makes sex both engaging and, at times, redundant in a long-term relationship is how well you know each other’s bodies. For both parties, it is important to know where and how to turn on your partner.

Knowing which spots are the most sensitive, and how to get each other off at lightning speed can be a game changer. For this reason, it is important that partners take time and careful observation to figure out these locations in their lover’s body. While that can be fun and convenient, it can also take some of the imagination out of things.

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Partners Should Advice Each Other

Your partner is the best judge of your sexual performance. Too many times, one party feels dissatisfied without letting the other know. Unless partners have a conversation where they clearly state their likes and dislikes, a lover would not know and can’t know which erotic moves excite or repulse the other.

Do not be afraid to talk about sexual performances with your partner. At any time in an escapade, you should not hesitate to tell your partner whether or not you like what’s happening and remain silent when you’re less than thrilled. Your partner should be your sexual advisor and together improve to have better sex.

Maintain a Good Shape

Old but gold, keeping a good shape significantly boosts libido and enhances sexual function and pleasure. Maintaining a good weight is perhaps one of the most important keys here. Eating healthy, exercising often, and leading a healthy lifestyle also play a great role in improving sex in a relationship.

For men, great sex requires having a robust cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels), which brings extra blood to the genitals. While this is particularly true, maintaining a good shape is not all there is to having great sex, but it does help. As much as possible, avoid having sex under the influence of tobacco, alcohol, or any other intoxicant.

Value Genuine Consent

Great sex is built off a foundation of genuine, mutual consent offered freely. Sex, especially with a partner should be without pressure, coercion, alcohol, or other impairment, and without fear of shaming or retaliation for refusing. Great sex requires deep relaxation, which necessitates authentic consent. Sex with anything less than genuine consent is unlikely to produce sexual satisfaction.

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Have a Relaxed Sex

Quite the opposite of what is depicted in adult movies, great sex does not always have to be physical. It does not have to involve tossing a partner all over the room or trying out all 16 sex positions. These mindsets can often lead to a poor sex life especially when one is not able to live up to his/her imaginations.

In fact, sometimes it’s even sexier to force yourselves to relax and enjoy one position, to hold it longer than you would normally enjoy. Holding your partner down can be fun too, slowing down the experience in order to feel the deep impact of penetration over a longer period of time. Most of us will try to move, not because it hurts, but because it feels too darn good.

Have Sex Frequently

Sometimes people tell you it doesn’t matter how often you make love, but it does, especially for men. Some couples can even try prescription-free viagra [1] to spice up their sexual life. When women complain they aren’t in the mood, it often means that they are either not aroused or are frustrated with you. Arousal has to start before the desire. And feeling desire for your partner makes them feel wanted, so the more often the better.

Try a New Non-sexual hobby together

One way to reignite the spark is to do something nonsexual together that makes you feel more excited to jump back into bed when you’re done. This is also true for a happy relationship. For partners in long-term relationships, spending more time apart could lead both parties to become curious about one another’s lives outside of the relationship.

For this reason, spending time together – doing what both enjoy can be a drive for great sex. Sexologist Jess O’Reilly, PhD, suggests engaging in activities that reinvigorate the chemicals associated with new and passionate love: hormones like dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin.

Engage in Role-Playing

There is a lot of things partners can do to improve their sex life. Role-playing is one way of having great sex in a relationship. Who says sex has to follow the same pattern always? Taking up different roles frequently can be just what you need to have great sex.

If sex isn’t feeling great in the house, you can take your partner to a local hotel together for a classic one-night stand. Pretend you haven’t met before and try to make your partner fall. The more fun you try to have in the bedroom, the better your sex life should be.

Watch Your Use of Pornography:

The last key on the list is pornography or adult movies which are believed by many to incite sexual desire. On the contrary, people who masturbating very often especially to hardcore porn tend to find it more difficult to get as aroused in the bedroom with their partners – it goes for both sexes.

While watching hardcore porn may incite pleasure and arousal from watching pornography, it creates a psychological pattern. When one’s partner is not able to reproduce the same type of hardcore moves, it can take a toll on their sex life.

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