How to Avoid Feeling Tempted to Always Use Your Phone

Smart Phone Addiction

Even if you wish to control the number of hours for phone use, there are instances when you can’t. It’s easy to get tempted to use your phone since it’s useful for several reasons. You use it for entertainment, education, and employment.

The problem is that, in most instances, you use your phone to play video games or use social media accounts. Therefore, you should try your best to avoid feeling tempted to use your phones constantly.

These tips might help:

a Check your screen time 

Most phones now have a screen time check feature. It allows you to determine how many hours you already used your phone during the day. It also tells you the average hours for phone use each week. It even breaks the time down according to the category of applications used. When you notice that you’re going beyond the allotted time, you need to stop using your phone. It will help you avoid feeling tempted if you keep track of your phone use.

b Don’t bring your phone to bed

Another thing to avoid is bringing your phone to bed. When you’re about to sleep, you shouldn’t have your phone next to you. Otherwise, you will feel tempted to keep scrolling. The best option is to leave your phone outside the bedroom when you’re going to sleep. If you have to use the alarm to wake you up the next day, you can use an actual alarm clock.

c Create a checklist of things to do

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Before you start your day, you need to have a checklist of what you have to do. It allows you to focus on the important tasks. You will then forget to use your phone for unnecessary reasons. If you know that you’re already behind schedule, you will have more motivation to drop your phone.

d Get back to basics

Sure, your phone is useful for a lot of reasons. However, you have to realize that before phones became powerful, people didn’t use any of these features. For instance, if you want to use the calculator, there’s an actual device for it. If you want to use a map, there’s also a physical map that you can open. Try to go back to basics and don’t rely on your phone all the time. When you want to read a book, go to the library or buy one from a book store. There’s no need to open an electronic device for reading.

e Give yourself a time limit 

You already know that excessive phone use is dangerous for your health. It also keeps you off track. The best thing to do is to set a time limit. You can gradually reduce your phone use until you feel comfortable with it.

Apart from reducing your screen time, it would help if you considered using EMF protection devices like the ones you can buy at . You need protection to stay shielded from radiation produced by your phone. You can wear it as a piece of jewelry, or you can keep it in your bag.

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