Surprising Benefits of Weed


Smoking weed is a common and a growing problem but do you know that weed has some amazing benefits too? The use of weed for medical purposes has been legalized by 20 states, and rumors suggest that a lot more states may legalize weed in some form in the next few years.

In the field of medicines, weed is used as a pain reliever and also used to control seizures. It is being increasingly used for this purpose, and a large amount of weed is grown only for medicinal uses.

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Obesity is a problem that is on the rise in the US. Surprisingly.Weed benefitsWeed cannot only help shed those extra pounds in your body but also help you maintain your fat. Other than that, there are a plethora of benefits that are associated with weed.

Here are some of the surprising benefits of weed:

Weed Slows Down and Kills Cancer Cells

According to Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, there’s an ingredient in weed called Cannabidiol that helps limit the growth of cancer cells, slows them down and even eliminate some of the cells to some extent.

Weed is able to do this because once it enters the body, it works on turning off a gene called ID-1 which promotes the growth of cancer cells, especially in the case of breast cancer. Several studies conducted by scientists and doctors have justified this benefit of weed

Relief from Pain

Smoking weed is said to provide relief from various kinds of pains including muscles spasms, body strains and joints pain too.

The THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is an ingredient found in weed which binds itself to the joint areas or the muscles which are in pain and reduces the pain.

Many patients suffering from sclerosis are also given weed to reduce their pain.

Surprising Benefits of Weed 1

Decrease Anxiety

Anxiety can lead to sleepless nights, loss of appetite, nervousness and can even negatively affect an individual’s life. Interestingly, weed is said to decrease anxiety in a person and even suppresses the nauseated feeling, however, only a smaller dose is of help. Higher doses may increase anxiety and paranoia.

Slows The Rate Of Alzheimer’s Diseases

Alzheimer is a dangerous disease which not only weakens the memory of a person but also kills their ability to converse and respond to the environment.

The disease progresses when plaques called amyloid plaques devour brain cells and eventually cause alzheimer.

The THC present in weed is said to slow the rate of this amyloid plaque and blocks them in the brain, restricting to kill more brain cells.

Treats Inflammation

Problems related to the bowel movement can be bad. Usage of weed can, however, improve bowel movements and also work on the immune system.

Poor bowel movement is due to some compounds that are formed by our body which makes our intestinal cells slightly permeable and allow some bacteria to come in and attack our intestine.

The cannabinoids in weed, when entering the body, help to eliminate these bacteria and block the permeability of these intestinal cells for good and make them bond tighter.

Surprising Benefits of Weed 2

Improves Creativity

Weed may get you high but sometimes it can do you good. Weed causes your brain to release dopamine and relaxes your mind and body to help you think better and be more innovative to comprehend things and concepts.


It’s true that weed has its negatives but you can’t deny the fact that it has its positives too, especially in the medical field. However, you should not start huffing weed as doing so may cause negative effects.

Most people know what is huffing, but they do not know that weed does not provide the same benefits if it is huffed. You need to consult a doctor to understand its uses.

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