How Stress Can Cause Hair Loss And What To Do About It

Girl is brushing her hair - thin hair

The old saying goes that you are so stressed you could pull your hair out. Well, when you are very stressed, you don’t need to pull it out. It will fall out on its own.

Stress can disrupt our hair growth cycle which prevents new hair from growing back. So technically, your hair isn’t falling out because of stress, but the hair that is falling out is not being replaced as it normally would.

If you are stressed, then you surely have noticed more hair in your shower drain than ever before.

To put a stop to this, you need to get your stress under control. In this article, I will go over several things you can do to stop the stress that is causing your hair to go thin.

Solutions for Stress Relieving and Stop Hair Loss:

1 – Take some CBD

The problem when we are stressed is that the body produces too much cortisol. This is a hormone that regulates things like blood pressure and helps to keep your energy levels up when you need it. But too much can throw your whole system out of whack.

Like the hair growth cycle. There is a period when your hair enters a cycle when much of it dies and falls out. Usually, the next cycle kicks in and starts the growth process. But, too much cortisol disrupts this cycle and your hair is not able to grow back.

When you alleviate stress with CBD for stress at or cannabidiol is an ideal way to keep your cortisol levels where they should be. It helps to relax your brain and deal with stress. As you feel less stressed, your cortisol levels go back to normal.

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2 – Do some yoga

Yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. It is ideal as a gentle exercise for weight loss but is also highly effective at beating stress.

Stretching opens up the muscles and allows for greater blood flow. This releases endorphins that send pleasure signals to the brain. Once your brain is washed over with endorphins, then your cortisol levels that are caused by stress are managed.

This allows your brain to clear itself of the stressful thoughts that are causing your hair to not grow back.

3 – Use essential oils

Aromatherapy is a natural solution to many of the problems we have in modern life. Certain scents can have a powerful effect on the brain and can be used for things like better sleep, pain, and even stress and anxiety.

Lavender is one of the best scents for reducing stress by keeping the brain calm It allows you to focus and stay grounded so you don’t have racing thoughts that contribute to stress.

It can prevent stress from happening even beforehand. If you are anxious about an event coming up, as a public speaking engagement lets say, then an hour before you can breathe some of the scents and it will keep you calm and able to function stress-free. Other effective oils are bergamot, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, and neroli.

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