Is it Good to Use Steroids for Weight Loss? Pros and Cons

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Steroids have been used as fitness boosters for bodybuilders and athletes for many years. Many researchers have proven them to work by showing positive results in strength as well as increased muscle. If you are planning to start a body-building program, products that work. They also offer an extensive description of what each one of them will do to your body, as well as the instructions for use.

Since most people still wonder whether or not they can use anabolic steroids, covering their various pros and cons will help in making a logical conclusion.

What are anabolic steroids?

For most laymen, these are enhancement supplements that will make you ripped. Just to let you know, steroids are popularly used for various treatments like pituitary gland problems, sexual disorders, and hormone/metabolism regulation. They are also widely used in fitness under strict regulation (and controversies) to facilitate muscle growth and strength.

Pros of using steroids

Muscle size increase

Steroids work as a catalyst for muscle growth. When combined with a high-protein diet and exercise, they facilitate the increase of nitrogen, which in turn, makes maximum use of the body’s protein for muscle growth. Extensive weight training will further trigger the growth of muscles which leads to one getting ripped. To get effective muscles within the stipulated time, it is crucial to buy legit products from reliable sellers. Otherwise, the counterfeits will only sabotage any efforts one puts in place.

Quick recovery

Extensive workouts can lead to distress in the body. The body has its mechanism to fight stressful situations, and it will produce cortisol hormones to handle the situation. However, most steroids have been proven to control how that hormone is produced and will facilitate a quick recovery for the cells. While people are using steroids, they can continue with their workouts without the need for long breaks.

Facilitate fat loss

All athletes and bodybuilders know this very well. While using steroids, one is in a position to lose more body fat than while not using them. In fact, various studies have indicated that steroid users can get a lean body three times more quickly than those not using them when exposed to the same fitness exercises and diets. So if you are looking to lose fat, this is an option to try while combining their use with a healthier diet with fewer calories and various workouts.

Improved metabolism

Metabolism is increased as a result of improved body activities and helps in burning more fat. Some people have slow metabolism while others have faster metabolic rates. However, steroids can increase either, which is beneficial for fat loss and the ability to stay more active. Unfortunately, not all steroids have this capability, and it is crucial to identify the ones that do. A fitness expert, medical practitioner, or extensive research can help one identify the right product.

They improve sexual life in men

Science has shown that men who use steroids get a boost to their sexual life. Most steroids trigger the production of more testosterone which is required for one to have a better sex life. In fact, some sexual challenges are treated through a testosterone-boosting injection, so taking appropriate steroids is a great plus to many men and can keep off any malfunction that was on the way.

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Improved blood

If you want to have healthy red blood cells, the use of steroids is one great way do so. Science has shown that healthy blood and increased red blood cells are the start of healing from numerous challenges like anemia.

Cons of using steroids

Excessive use affects the brain

With the intense use of steroids, users have been seen to develop aggressive behavior patterns which can be disadvantageous in social life. With steroids as the excuse, there has been a trend of violence in users. Another drawback resulting from the affected brain is increased anxiety, mood swings, and depression in some cases. Lack of sleep, which can be risky for the user’s life, can also be added to this list. In such a situation, one may need to see a doctor for the best care.

Physical side effects

It is common to see most steroid users with chubby cheeks and bigger faces than they had before. This is a result of water retention that is caused by steroid use. Moreso, the face may develop acne once the skin’s normal functionality has been altered. This can also result in more bacteria retention in the mouth, causing bad breath.

Hair loss

Hair loss is a no-brainer among steroid users. Most of them know too well that this will be coming, so why does this happen? Well, when they take steroids, they trigger the body to produce DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which, in return, will weaken the hair and eventually cause it to fall out. This process is gradual: one goes from strong hair to thinning hair, then eventually an inability to produce hair at all.

Getting banned from sports

While most users of steroids are athletes, one can still get banned from sports that require you to run in your natural form. The claim by the regulating bodies is that one is at an advantage of strength and the inability to get fatigued, which others do not have.

When proven that one is using steroids as a booster for performance, then a ban can be the result. However, some sports which require athletes to perform extensive workouts do not have a problem when the athletes use steroids. One will need to understand the rules and regulations that guide the sport they are engaged in.

So, is it good to use steroids for weight loss?

Steroids are known to facilitate weight loss through fat loss as discussed in the pros section. Apart from this, they also have other pros like muscle increase and getting a lean body. However, steroids have their share of challenges, which result from excessive use, in most cases. When one starts to use them for weight loss, then let a medical practitioner monitor the body’s response at all levels.

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