10 Skincare Tips to Look Best on Raksha Bandhan

skin care tips raksha bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is not only about celebrating the bond between a brother and sister. It’s the day to express your feelings and a perfect time for flaunting your beauty.

Women wear special outfits to look pleasing and best on this day. However, some forget to give special attention to their skin.

So on this day, you must concentrate on skincare too before putting makeup on your face. Perhaps, your brother will end up giving back more gifts on your special day.

Make your brother feel proud this day for the presence of a beautiful sister in his life. We are sharing some skincare beauty tips here to look best on Raksha Bandhan.

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1) Cleansing the Skin

As soon as you wake up and prepare for the day, don’t forget to cleanse your face with the right product.

If you are using a soap containing paraben or other harmful ingredients, strictly avoid it. Instead, you can use  for your body. It is free of chemicals and it would be a great option for you.

Medimix soap is made with naturally available ingredients like sandal, vetiver, and so on that make your skin feel refreshed and smooth all day.

2) Apply Natural Face Wash

If your skin type is of an oily kind, then applying  will help. It can lead to the falling of excess oil. No chemical is present in this product, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects. It’s quick to act formula for your skin.

3) Use Moisturizer

To keep your skin healthy and safe from makeup, moisturizing your face is necessary. You must use a quality moisturizer before applying any makeup to your skin.

This is most important to do in the monsoon seasons when the air is humid and your skin is dry.

It’s good to apply concealers or foundations when the skin is moisturized properly.

4) Use Toner 

Get a natural toner that can provide relief from your skin dryness. It can change the skin appearance in the way you are imagining. Your skin will beautify a lot when you will use a toner like watermelon juice.

Combine it with honey and hazelnut power for a better effect. Their blend will keep your skin hydrated.

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Apart from this combination, you can try rosewater.

5) Go Traditional 

Make the best of this day by wearing a traditional outfit. You can wear your favorite saree or suit with the matching jeweler. This would be a cherry on the cake for celebrating the brother-sister bond.

6) Cooling Mask 

One of the most popular cooling masks for your skin is cucumber juice extract. Mix it with two tablespoons of powdered milk, and an egg to form their paste. Add the paste to your neck and face. Leave it for an hour and then wash it.

7) Fruit Mask

Application of fruit Mask made with apple, banana, orange, and papaya will remove suntans, dead skin cells, and rectify skin damage.

8) Waterproof Makeup 

Avoid heavy makeup on your skin and if possible, get waterproof makeup.

You should use eye pencil or waterproof eyeliner on your eye, concealer for your face, and dark-colored lipsticks.

9) Beautify Nails

For decking your nails, start with a base coating for keeping the nails looking good. Apply a color that will match your outfit. But make sure to use a bold color because it completely adores your nail appearance.

If you are a nail artist, then choose the best kind of art, which will suit the day of Raksha Bandhan. For more nail art tips, you can Google or visit YouTube.

10) Try a different hairstyle

This is a special day so why not try a different hairstyle that you always wanted to. You will find many hairstyle guides on tutorials for shaping your hair the way you want.

However, don’t use a hairdryer at high temperatures for drying your hair. It can damage them to the roots.


For more skincare tips and product recommendations, keep reading our blog. And don’t forget to share your experience in the comments.

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