Six Simple Ways to Help you De-stress

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Stress is something that no one will fully escape. Whether you are moving house, getting married or looking for a new job, stress is bound to go hand in hand with them. Rather than allowing the emotions to take over and send your mood plummeting, you can take a hold of things. Continue reading for six simple ways which could help.

  • Take a break

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, take a break whenever you feel things deteriorating. It could be just a change of scenery you need or the chance to breathe in some fresh air. Whatever you need, it is healthy to take a break regularly to allow yourself the opportunity to de-stress.

  • Exercise regularly

Only Fitness apps won’t help you. This isn’t all about sweaty gym classes or running miles and miles. Simply walking around your block or going for a nice bike ride in the countryside are also ways to reap the benefits of regular exercise. Endorphins will boost your mood. You may also find that your mind is focused on other things, such as breathing correctly, which could help. Many of us live hectic lives these days, so it can be a challenge to find time for this. Use your lunch break to powerwalk around the office or stomp up and down the stairs perhaps. If you want to improve things, you will find a little time to implement changes.

  • Eat a balanced diet

Ensuring that your body gets everything it needs from the food you fuel it with will help you to feel better, mentally, and physically. Preparing meals from scratch allows you to see everything you are putting in your mouth. Avoid artificial flavors and colors as these chemicals can cause an imbalance that threatens your moods.

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  • Laugh more

Have you noticed that you always feel better after you’ve spent time with your best friend from your childhood? This is usually because you spend most of the time reminiscing about experiences you had together. More times than not, you will also end up with your jaw aching and your stomach tensed because you have been giggling so much. Watching your favorite comedy sketch or even heading out to a comedy club are great ways of ensuring laughter.

  • Try alternative therapies

Reflexology or aromatherapy might just offer you exactly what you need to lower your stress levels. When you are on the go, you may find yourself wishing for the same impact that breathing in the essential oils can have on you. The wide range of diffuser jewelry at Kumi might be the answer as the bracelets, necklaces, and earrings disperse the scents offering the benefits while you are on the go.

  • Use coping mechanisms

Establishing a range of coping mechanisms to try when you feel your stress levels rising uncomfortably is essential. Things such as counting (you could even try doing this in a foreign language!), visualization, and may help. Trying one of these methods will ensure your thoughts are focused on something else rather than how you are feeling. 

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