Signs Your Work – Life is Hurting Your Mental Health and Tips to Stop It

Mental Health Issues

Some people are unwavering in their pursuit of a successful career. This can overtake their thoughts and decisions daily. Stress and poor mental health can arise when you don’t feel like you’re moving forward in your career path. These risks also can arise if you’re overwhelmed by the amount of work on your plate.

Mental health is more important than many people realize. Even those that do know about its importance fail to seek out mental health recovery solutions at that could positively affect their quality of life.

If you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious, it could be related to your work environment. You can choose platforms like to help you navigate your anxiety and depression symptoms.

Here are some signs of work related to mental health issues and some tips on how to deal with them:

1. You’re Worrying About Work (After You’ve Left the Office)

It’s likely your job negatively affects your health if you find yourself anxious or stressed about work long after you’ve left the office for the day.

It’s not healthy to bring work home with you, as the age-old saying goes. So, try to avoid work at home. Is it really worth answering that phone call or e-mail, or can it wait until the morning? Are you sure you have to do that piece of work right this second while you’re lying in bed, or can it wait until you are back in the office? Sometimes you have to take some work home, but if you can avoid it, give yourself that break.

One tip to keeping these worries at bay is to ask your friends and family to re-direct you if you’re focusing too much on work while you’re at home. The occasional conversation about work is normal. However, when that’s all you talk about, trust your closest confidantes to let you know when enough is enough.

2. You Feel Stuck and Defeated

Depression or anxiety that stems from work-life relates to a feeling of defeat. When a person is not as successful or as far along in their career as they had hoped, they can begin to feel very down.

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If you find yourself in this mental health rut, it’s likely from a feeling that you haven’t reached the goals you set for yourself. It’s best to try to remember that many plans will go wrong in life. Just because you set up a “ten-year-plan”, doesn’t mean that the plan is even possible to complete in that amount of time. But the fact that you have the 10-year plan shows you are already doing more toward attaining your goal that most people.

Try to remember how far you have come rather than how far you have left to go. Feel free to make plans but don’t hold them too highly. Otherwise, if they change, your mental health will suffer.

3. You Allow Your Personal Life to Take the Back Seat

Many career-driven people find themselves in successful positions only to find they have allowed their personal lives to slip.

It’s possible that while chasing your dream job, you lost contact with friends and family along the way. You may even have missed chances to be happy. While you were busy climbing up the company ladder, you were leaving others behind.

To avoid this, do a self-check every 6 months. You may start to notice you care more about the upward trajectory of your job than your family, friends, and love life. This is a good point to check in with yourself and consider where your values lie. Reflect on the amount of time you spend at work versus with family and friends.

In Sum

Overall, the recognition of mental health is crucial. While physical health is more noticeable from the outside, that doesn’t mean poor mental health will not manifest eventually. It is crucial to learn to cope with these effects before it’s too late.

If you find you can relate to any of these three signs and they’re negatively affecting your mental health, you can use these tips to self-treat. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to seek professional help if necessary.

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