Sheetal Sheth is struggling with Breast Cancer

Sheetal Sheth is struggling with Breast Cancer

Sheetal Sheth, an American actor of Indian origin is known for her work in The World Unseen and I Can’t Think Straight is suffering from breast cancer.

The lady opened up and thanked her friends, family, and supporters on Twitter and raised some awareness about the disease through her Twitter account.

Sheetal shared a video where she was seen sitting on a couch and she was sharing her side of the story. She was all bald and she said that she has lost her hair because of the cancer treatment.

The lady said –

“Hi, I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for all the emails and messages and the wishes. It’s really been amazing and overwhelming in the best of ways. So I just wanna take a second and let you know that I see them, I am reading them and I am taking them all in.

Almost every single person I know has been touched by cancer in some way and I think we need to talk about them more. I think it would be helpful for all of us. So, I want to let you know that I am ready and open to sharing a little bit about my journey. So feel free to send questions and thoughts as you wish and I will do my best,”

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. And it is the second highest death causing cancer after lung cancer. The screening and treatments have dramatically improved since 1989 even then there are more than 5 lacs breast cancer survivors all over the world. The probability of any women dying from breast cancer is 2.7%. and one of the most shocking facts is that even men can also be affected or diagnosed with breast cancer. Awareness of the symptoms and around the disease can reduce the deaths associated with breast cancer.

Lisa Ray talks about Sheetal Sheth’s struggle with breast cancer
Lisa Ray talks about Sheetal Sheth’s struggle with breast cancer

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Some of the most common symptoms of breast cancer are –

  • Prolonged pain in armpits or breasts
  • Redness on the area around breast skin
  • Rash around one or both nipples
  • Discharge from nipple sometimes blood
  • Inverted nipple
  • Sudden change in the size of the nipple
  • Flaking or scaling of the breast skin

Lisa Ray who is also a co-star of the actor supported the actor. Lisa Ray is herself a cancer survivor and she knows how it is to be on the other side of the bed.

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