Shaheen Bhatt dating AIB fame Rahul Joshi and Her Past Regrets?

Shaheen Bhatt Rohan Joshi Love Story

Shaheen Bhatt is the sister of the youngest celebrity star Alia Bhatt. She has been low profile all her life and never made any public appearance with her sister. You can never spot her at any award shows or events. Apparently, she is an introvert who doesn’t like to mingle much with others and prefers being with the family.

Recently with her book, she rose to fame and people started noticing her: –

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Know the Star’s Sister ‘Shaheen Bhatt’

Before we start talking about Shaheen, we must know that she belongs from a well to do family, who is famous and established. But that does not matter when it comes to having issues in life. Shaheen Bhatt is a vivid aesthetic believer. She loves to stay in a calm and quiet environment and reading book is one of her best passion. But sadly, even coming from an affluent background Shaheen has been suffering from mental depression.

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Depression is a state of mind that creeps in gradually and many of us do not realize the fact soon. Most people still have no idea how damaging depression is for any human being. It radically impacts the behavior and people might lose out a lot in life. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone has also opened up about depression and how it must be addressed with immediate effect. Shaheen has shown optimum courage and came out speaking in public about her depression. Many actors like Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Varun Dhawan have also spoke about their struggles against depression.

Now, her own sister Alia Bhatt has also been posting a depression post on her Instagram. As for Shaheen, she has been dealing with depression since when she was 13 years. She says ‘ i am not ashamed of it, and I don’t want to hide anything’.

Rohan Joshi- The AIB fame

Rohan Joshi is one of the prominent faces of AIB has also opened up about his issues in life. He is linked with Shaheen Bhatt and apparently, both of them are seen to be dating each other. He is another victim of a mental disorder called anxiety. The issues have been within him since he has in his teenage and recently he opened up about the entire episode. To a page called Human of Bombay, he announced that he has his first panic attack when he was in College. He was so afraid to go to college that everything seemed hostile. His relationship with his family became worse as for an Indian student it is a sin to be a college drop out. Therefore, he had to leave his house.

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Bonding between Shaheen Bhatt and Rohan Joshi

Alia’s elder sister was rumored to be dating Arjun Kapoor, but soon those were a past story. A piece of new news has surfaced that Shaheen is dating one of the famous stand up comedian from AIB and that is none other than Rohan Joshi. It is heard that Shaheen once went to one of his gigs and utterly mesmerized by his wit.

recently, Shaheen went for a holiday trip to London with beau Rohan. Her mom and younger sister accompanied both of them. On the other hand, Rohan is quite comfortable with Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan and they all consider him as a part of the family.

However, there are no signs of marriage yet, but the duo has been quite public in their emotional attachment. They do not post stuff like typical couples but there is a charm to every post which is dedicated to Rohan and vice-versa.

Many media houses want to dig deeper, but the results are not yet successful. To the utter dismay, they have not been able to know more about both of them separately. According to the Bhatt’s, ‘ Rohan is a bright guy and he has an original set of Humour’ He is accepted with all hearts and expect both their son and daughter to take a wise decision on how to go ahead with the relationship.

Mental issues are Important to address

Often we talk about mental issues as something very menial or low key. But, in reality, they make a huge space in our life. No one should ignore the importance of addressing depression or anxiety at the right time. It can save many lives.

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