SARMS vs Steroids – Which is Good for You?

steroids vs sarms

If you’ve ever seen an overly muscular guy, or gal, in the gym, no matter how hard they’re training, there’s always a little voice in the back of your mind, wondering if they’re natural or on steroids. Today we’re going to be looking at SARMS vs steroids. To get in shape is very difficult. It takes years of hard work and discipline, both inside the gym and in the kitchen with regards to your diet.

Some people do choose to use illegal drugs and compounds to help them bulk up and trim down, but even so, it still requires a huge amount of hard work and dedication. We know that AAS, or Androgenic Anabolic Steroids [click here], are very dangerous, not to mention the fact that they’re illegal, but what about SARMS?

In fact, aren’t SARMS just another type of steroid? Actually, no they aren’t, which is what we’re going to look at today. Here’s a look at the key differences between SARMS and steroids.

What are steroids?

First off, we’re going to start by looking at what steroids, or AAS, actually are. There’s a lot of science involved but we’re going to try to keep things fairly simple, without getting too technical. AAS are basically lab-created synthetic versions of testosterone. Testosterone is an androgen with anabolic properties. It is the natural male sex hormone that plays an essential role in muscle growth, repair, size, and strength.

It is primarily produced in the testes, and unfortunately, once a guy reaches his thirties, his testosterone production generally tends to get less and less with each passing year. The less testosterone you have in your body, the harder you’ll find it to build muscle. This is where steroids are useful. They mimic the actions of testosterone, and many of them are actually a great deal more powerful than the hormone too.

There are many different types of AAS out there, and while nowadays they are used primarily for physique and performance-enhancing purposes, when they were initially created, they were designed to serve medical purposes. Many of them were created to help with muscle-wasting diseases. Soon it was discovered that they were just too powerful and too dangerous for use by the general public, so they were banned and made illegal.

Now, steroids are manufactured in “underground labs” and sold on the black market. If used correctly, they have the potential to transform a person’s physique like never before. The downside is the fact that they’re so incredibly dangerous. This is why many people choose to use SARMS to improve their physiques instead, and it’s why we’re looking at SARMS vs steroids today.

What are SARMS?

SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator and they are considered by many people to be anabolic steroid upgrades.

We have HGH, or Human Growth Hormone to thank for the creation of SARMS.

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These unique classes of compounds are designed to work in very similar ways to how anabolic steroids work. SARMS are not technically illegal, so by owning them, you aren’t breaking the law. However, they are not FDA approved, and many sports and athletics comities have actually banned them, due to their performance enhancing effects.

SARMS basically works by helping to modulate the human body’s androgens. Androgens are class of hormones responsible for sexual characteristics. Testosterone, for example, is an androgen, and we’ve just looked at how important this hormone is for when it comes to muscle growth and repair. SARMS have been specially formulated so that they can target specific androgen receptors in the body.

Once the SARMS attached themselves to the androgen receptors in the body, they work by helping to trigger very specific gene expressions, which enable the body to synthesize more muscle proteins, and therefore build more lean muscle mass. SARMS, unlike some steroids, are purely orally administered, as they come in tablet form. There are many websites where legal steroids for sale are available.

Once they have been bound to the androgen receptors, very impressive levels of muscle mass can be achieved. What’s more, they do not aromatize like steroids do, which means that they don’t convert testosterone into estrogen, and they themselves do not convert to estrogen. This means that users can avoid all kinds of negative side-effects, including gynecomastia, water-retention, suppressed hormone production, acne, and much more. They are also non-toxic, so liver toxicity isn’t a concern.

SARMS vs steroids

So, why are so many people now choosing to utilize SARMS instead of steroids? Well, while SARMS are not as powerful as some steroids out there, they are much safer and highly effective. A few key benefits of SARMS over steroids include:

Non-toxic – When people take oral steroids, the steroids have been designed to be able to pass through the liver without being broken down. This causes a lot of damage to the liver over time, and liver toxicity is a very real issue. SARMS however, are not toxic to the liver, which means that, even though they are orally administered, they’re still safe for human consumption.

Legal – SARMS are not illegal, whereas steroids are. If you’re caught in possession of SARMS, you, therefore, will not face legal action. If you are caught in possession of steroids, you could. What’s more, if you are caught in possession of large quantities of steroids, the law may think that you’re looking to sell them, and dealing with steroids could land you in jail.

Muscle growth – SARMS are very powerful, and by attaching themselves to androgen receptors in the body, they are able to help you to build more muscle after your workouts. As you can see, you get many of the benefits of steroids, with far fewer side effects and risks.

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