5 Gym mistakes which you must avoid as per Salman Khan

5 Gym mistakes which you must avoid as per Salman Khan

Salman Khan is one of the most talked about celebrity of all times. The man is a true inspiration and loved by almost all the Indians. People might have different reasons for loving him. But his body and amazing physique are one of the major reasons for loving Salman Khan.

He is one of the few actors who has always been shirtless. I feel in all the 90s movies of Salman Khan, he has been shirtless and showing off his amazing muscles.

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So, here the gym freak and bodybuilding addict talks about what major gym mistakes should be avoided –

1. Warm Up –

Warming up is a major part of your gym regime. And you can easily avoid muscle tear and cramps if you indulge in the right form of warm-up exercises.

2. Correct Your Form –

This is something which mostly all the gym buddies ignore. Here what you can do is that take care of your form. Correct it time to time till you achieve it perfectly. This will give you many timely results and also will prevent injury.

3. Don’t Show Off –

In case you are not able to lift up a certain amount of weight, then don’t show off. Just same you can’t and leave it. Don’t go over your capacity in order to show up and end up having an injury.

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4. Don’t let your trainer push you too much –


Sometimes we are unable to set limits for ourselves and thus whenever the celebrity trainers move them, they are ready to get disfigured. Thus, what you need to do here is that tell your trainer anytime when you are feeling uncomfortable. Let him understand your body but before that, you yourselves also need to understand your body at the same time.

5. Cool down and stretching –


Warming up is important and thus cooling down and stretching is also equally important. Try to cool down and stretch yourself after a grueling session at the gym. Cooling and stretching help to bring back the heart in normal functions.

Salman also shares his secret mantra for fitness. He says that his metabolism rate is quite ok. Thus, he had to work hard to shed off those extra weights. Thus, he tries to visit the gym always before breakfast and he ensures that he has a long walk after dinner.

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