Sahil Khan – Drugs in Bikini Competition, Women are Sounding Like a Men

Sahil Khan – Drugs in Bikini Competition, Women are Sounding Like a Men

Steroids use in the female is a high “Hush Hush” topic. It has been observed that even if men talk about this openly, it’s the women who will never open up to steroid use.

Thanks to the global era of the internet, it is present everywhere. And thus buying steroids, reading about steroids, and selling anything under the label of steroid has become extremely easier. And earlier there used to be secret forums where women used to come under nicknames and discuss the symptoms or side effects that their steroids are showing. But all of them have now completely vanished and thus there are actually no forums where women can open up and share their sad story about using steroids.

And another difficult part is that most of the gym trainers are not even aware of the correct dosage of steroids usage. They will just tell you.

“I am taking 50 milligrams of Anavar, and their thinking was. Okay, take half my dosage.”

And this is totally unjustifiable for a woman who is just beginning with her steroid dosages. And women used to come up to either husband, gym trainers or boyfriends for their advice. And in most cases, none of them had the correct advice.

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This made their life miserable. So, today when you see a woman having a huge breakout or maybe walking the show with her wigged hair, then you must understand that is what steroid has done to them. and this is some of the most common and starting symptoms.

The symptoms have extended to their reproductive life even. Many women bodybuilders have said that they are facing issues in starting a family and the highest number of reasons cited our use of these steroids. When we say steroids then it combines nothing less than 10 milligrams of anavar and an equal share of winstrol or clenbuterol.

Women's Steroid use

Permanent deepening of vocal cords and clitoral enlargements are also quite common but they are said to be one of the most advanced stages of the symptoms of Steroid Usage.

Recently Sahil Khan, the ace Indian bodybuilder also opened up about the same after he came from a show.

So, what is advisable is that use legal steroids something which is safe to be used and something which is meant for you. Also, go for trustworthy sources before you are thinking of buying them. This will help yourself and your family in the long run.

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