Sahil Khan Welcomes Ex Wife Nigar Khan on Instagram

Sahil Khan, the youth fitness icon and Nigar Khan don’t share a very cordial past. But even then the actor who is said to have #itsonelifebaby welcomed Nigar Khan on social networking site Instagram.

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The actor who boasts to have a huge fan following on social networking sites especially Instagram is supposed to be a youth and fitness icon. But if we go through his past life especially his marital status, then he was once married to Nigar Khan. [Bodypower UK event is held in London]

Nigar Khan who was once married to Sahil Khan alleged that the actor was gay. She said that she came to know the truth when they were on a shoot in Bangkok. She came early about which Sahil was completely unaware of. And that’s when Sahil was seen in a compromising position with another man. That was said to be the major reason why Nigar Khan left Sahil. Also, Ayesha Shroff also later repeated the same thing.

Then that was a separate story when Nigar Khan was deported from India but before that she and Sahil were already divorced.

But since a very long time, there was no word about Nigar Khan. We were unaware of the fact that where the lady is? And then suddenly she crops on Sahil Khan’s insta account where the man himself proudly announces that now she is on insta.

Have a look at the pictures and the friendly photos that the duo have uploaded on Instagram.

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