Rohit Sharma Workout and Diet Plan

Rohit Sharma Workout and Diet Plan

Rohit Sharma is known to be a hitman of the Indian team. He has always been scoring high doesn’t matter what is the pitch and who is the bowler. The man has been aiming high with his high striking rates.

So, let’s have a look at his workout and diet plan and how he manages to stay fit –

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Rohit Sharma’s Diet Plan

Rohit Sharma comes from a family of vegetarian. But he switches himself into a non-vegetarian. He consumes at least 25 eggs at one time and he says this is his secret in getting that tough and physically strong body.

He also heavily relies on proteins. He starts his day with oats and milk. He says

“If you don’t have much liking for oats, then try consuming it in small quantities at first. And when you start liking it somewhat (or its taste becomes bearable) then you may want to eat it in large quantities.”

He also has a protein drink in the morning which helps him to build up muscles quite easily. He tells

”Try some nicely flavored protein shakes in the beginning as they would help you to develop a fondness for them too.”

Earlier he was having a bad habit of consuming his meals very late at night. This was his major hurdle in weight loss. He understood his problem and corrected himself and now he has his last meal by 8 PM.

He advises

”If you are facing problems in letting go off the habit of midnight snacking then you can try out a simple routine. Start getting up early in the morning and have a healthy breakfast. This early morning rising habit would ensure that you feel too sleepy to eat anything at night. Remember the old saying “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.”

He consumes green tea on a regular basis. He likes to have eggs and carrot juice in the morning. His lunch usually consists of Nachani, roti and brown rice.

He also consumes some seasonal fruit in the evening. His dinner is usually light and he loves having grilled chicken or salad in the dinner.

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He is a huge fan of low carb diet because –

  • Helps in improving the metabolism and also removes wastes quite fast from your body.
  • Flushes out bad cholesterol and increases the amount of good cholesterol in your body
  • Blood sugars are controlled and insulin is also minimized.
  • Extremely beneficial for the heart
  • Reduces cravings as well

Rohit Sharma’s Workout Routine

This right-handed batsman focuses on crunches, leg raises, push ups and pulls up to reduce weight and increase muscle in your body.

He is also a huge believer in Whey protein because –

  • This is one of the few proteins which comes from the milk.
  • It provides body amino acids for muscle building and strength.
  • This also acts as an antioxidant which works on the immune system of your body.
  • This encourages lean muscles and also reduces post-workout muscle breakdown.

In one of the interview, he said

“Regular workouts are no good without a healthy diet. I don’t believe in extremes, I believe in keeping my diet well balanced.”

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