Yoga DVD Review – Fat Free Yoga for Beginners by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh

Yoga DVD Review – Fat Free Yoga for Beginners by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh

If you are looking for a healthy and peaceful life, then you should practice Yoga. It is not just a stretching exercise, but it is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which will reintroduce you to yourself and increase the quality of life. This discipline basically originated in India, but its essence spread around the world and many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Madonna, Chris Taylor and many more have become its regular practitioners and admitted that this discipline has changed their body and view towards life. The yoga gurus who have worked with these celebrities believe that it not only makes you lose oodles of weight, but it also helps you relax and put your mind at peace. Celebrity Yoga Guru Ana Brett says “We have seen it in ourselves, we have seen it in our clients – yoga can give you a real workout even if you are a beginner”. She has created a DVD program, named ‘Fat Free Yoga’, along with another famous Yoga Guru Ravi Singh and this program is currently a best seller. Let’s have a review of this awesome product.

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This program ‘Fat free yoga’ consists of four Kundalini yoga sessions of 20 minutes each. These sessions are designed to boost your metabolism, improve musculature of the body and cover the general well being. This program also has two five minute video clips on meditation to improve emotional health and teaches you about how to maintain the synergy between body and mind.


The positive points of this DVD program are that you can learn the Yoga exercises in the comfort of your home and at your pace. You can try single exercises or a couple of them. It gives you an option of viewing a particular exercise or all exercises at once by selecting the respective options. Since this DVD guide is for beginners therefore it contains simple exercises which anyone can easily perform.


Although, this program contains the concept of meditation, but many users think that if this concept is little more elaborated then it would be more beneficial. Another thing is it doesn’t contain any guidance or suggestion on the diet part which is somehow acceptable since it is a fitness DVD.


This fitness program is divided into four sessions of 20 minutes duration along with an introduction and some breathing exercises. These sessions are

  1. “Start Your Engines” – This session displays metabolism boosting exercises
  2. “Fight Fire with Fire” – This session emphasizes on ABS and upper body exercises.
  3. “No Impact Aerobics” – This session focuses on those exercises which improves blood circulation in the body.
  4. “Your Life is in your Own Glands” – This section covers the exercises which help in maintaining the hormonal balance in the body.
You can buy this DVD here


This DVD program gives you an introduction of yoga along with complete mind and body workout which includes stretching and breathing exercises. These exercises are designed in such a way that you can easily perform them and thus boost your metabolism, facilitate hormonal balance, tone up your ABS and muscles and improve blood circulation in your body.

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