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My girlfriend became a murderer……….

Before proceeding with this love story I would like to share the link of our recently published love story I Loved Her Without Knowing What Was Actually In Her Heart……. I've been dating Riya for the past two years...

I Loved Her Without Knowing What Was Actually In Her Heart…….

Before proceeding with this story we would request all the readers to please have a look at a recent love story that we have published by clicking on this link The Broken Promise. I was on cloud nine when...

The Broken Promise: Final Chapter

Before I continue the last chapter of this story, I would request you to read the first two parts of this story as it will be easier for you to connect with this chapter: The Broken Promise The Broken...

The Broken Promise- Part 2 | Love Story

(If you haven't read the first part of this love story then click on this link:  The Broken Promise) I was well aware of the reality that Alisha was feeling insecure about my closeness to Sarika. I was...

The Broken Promise

"Promise me Soheib, just promise me, we will never break up and will never stop loving each other. Promise me that your heart will always beat for me and only me. Promise me that you will never...
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