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Does Office Senior Date to His/her Junior?

When you are bound to your workplace for the whole day then you are more likely to get attracted towards your colleague, subordinate or senior. The reason of liking may vary for instance, you may be impressed...

Right Time, If You Want to Break Up?

You must be in a relationship (an unhappy one, maybe) if you are reading this post or it is possible that you are reading this out of curiosity that why the relationship ends. Well, whatever the reason...

How to Ask for Dating to Your Office Colleague, if you are a girl?

If you always get compliments on your beauty, intelligence or success, but never get a chance to get a date invitation from your male colleagues then you should look out for reasons which is blocking them to...

Signs She Hates You After A Breakup?

The worst thing which happens in any relationship is the end of it. It is like demolishing a beautiful house which you have made with love and passion and looking at the ruins of it gives you...

Signs He Likes You as a Friend Only

Your heart seems to skip a beat whenever you look at him and he is the perfect guy in your eyes, but he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings in the romantic way. He is nice to you, laugh...
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