Rediscovering You: How-to Awaken Your Dormant, Positive Self

Rediscovering You: How-to Awaken Your Dormant, Positive Self

Something “clicks” when you experience hardships…

It feels like you’ve lost a part of yourself.

They say moments of failure are the best time to learn. But, what happens when the failure is a stroke of bad luck? What if these downed moments were out of your control? It’s hard feeling up to the challenge of rebuilding when you’re deep in the darkness.

But then… a glimmer of hope.

A resurgence brought on by a chance opportunity or encounter. A feeling like it’s worth it, again. You know this rediscovery will take some time. Here is a plan to make it realized.

The 1-2-3 of Awakening Positivity

It never feels like you’ll return to your once, positive self when you’re downtrodden in negativity. A harsh blow to your wellbeing — loss of a loved one, job firing, breakup — is almost 100% mental. You know, very well, that you’ll one day feel happiness but it takes time and requires a process.

The process includes three, big challenges:

  1. Overcoming vices
  2. Getting active
  3. Fostering relationships

This process rewires your thinking ultimately creating new, positive opportunities. Whether you practice them is on you. But, if you follow through you’ll at least have that chance. Here’s how it works.

Phase 1: Overcoming Vices

Turning to a vice (alcohol, drugs, pornography, and others) is all-too-common when in your lowest moments. These vices are an “easy out” to cope with troubles because they help you forget.

Unfortunately, these negative routines create a negative lifestyle. Before long, vices become part of your personal reflection. A drinker becomes a drunk, experimental drug users a junkie, and the like.

There’s a process of overcoming vices:

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  1. Identify the problem
  2. Find help and guidance
  3. Take it one day at a time

You must first understand your foray into vices became a full-on addiction. This realization helps detach it from your personal reflection. Then, it’s reaching. These are cases in which the guidance of professions in an alcohol rehab St Louis location can prove critical to venture from addictions.

Finally, it’s about taking the plunge and creating a new identity — one day at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow or 5-years from now… focus on keeping a good routine, today, to continually improve.

Phase 2: Getting active

Getting active involves exercise which is troublesome when the comfort of your room is calling. You can wallow for only so long before your physical health begins to take a hit. So far, you’ve eliminated the vices holding you back mentally. It’s time to up your physical wellbeing to compliment rediscovery.

Start slow:

  • Try a dietary supplement to promote muscle growth
  • Get into low-impact workouts like yoga, cycling, or walking
  • Use breaks between activities for squats, push-ups, or jumping jacks

This increased activity will also help explore healthier eating. You’re ditching the fatty, junk foods during your dark moments for healthy, fresh alternatives. This, in turn, brings about positivity through the joy of cooking and building positive body image.

Activity is essential for improving your well-being and positivity regardless if you’re losing weight. The activities create a “high” — a rush of feel-good chemicals. Use those post-workout moments to work hard and reach goal milestones. These create a positive feedback loop encouraging you to do more.

Phase 3: Fostering relationships

People are quick to cut out others at their lowest moments. This tends to happen because A) the person was the cause, B) they don’t want to affect others, or C) it reinforces the negative feelings. This tends to create bigger issues as those relationships crumble — they’re no longer around when you’re better.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Talk with your closest friends about your troubles because they’ll reserve judgment (vs family)
  • Take small steps toward being social such as going to a local event or attending a job after-party
  • Rekindle lost relationships once emotions settle and the happening becomes logical

It’s hard rebuilding relationships when you lash out at those not involved. People move on and cut negativity from their lives. Ask yourself “Am I being too negative about this all?”. Chances are, it’s a ‘Yes’. Know that it gets better — but don’t let relationships fail because you’re too withdrawn.

Once you’re feeling good — mentally from cutting vices and physically from exercise — venture forth and make new friends. Get into social situations and rediscover the uncomfortable (but fun) experiences when you’re not wallowing in pity.

Shining a Light in the Darkness

Recovery doesn’t happen overnight but it does shine a light in the darkness every day. Knowing you’re moving forward reinforces your willpower and motivation. Before long, you’ll look back at those moments of darkness as the learning experience they were. And, realize the wonderful, positive opportunities you’ve created for yourself since then. Start doing good today, start it now.

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