Rediscover Love for your Hair with these Hair Coloring Methods

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Hair coloring has evolved a lot in recent years from simple henna to permanent hair colors. These days you can easily color your hair by sitting at your home or getting pampered at the salon. There is a variety of colors to choose from and shades that you think can never exist before. So what are you waiting for?? Rediscover your love for your hair with these hair coloring tips.

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Temporary dyes

These can be washed away easily but if you want to flaunt your hair or add some streaks or just highlight your hair for a short time then go for it. It will be off your hair in 6 – 12 shampoos. These are made from vegetable dyes and are thus safe to use. These are known as hair mascaras and can used be like crayons to streak your hair. An example of temporary dye is hair glaze.

Hair glaze

This is a temporary dye which gives shine to your hair while coating a layer of pigment which complements your hair color. They can last up to 1 – 2 weeks and boost the tone of your hair color. It does not contain ammonia or peroxide which makes it a safe to use product.

Semi permanent dyes

These dyes have longer life as compared to temporary dyes and can lasts up to 12 – 20 shampoos. These dyes penetrates the outer layer of hair i.e. cuticle and bind with it. It is used for various reasons such as:

  • Refresh the faded color
  • Darken the hair color
  • Deep conditioning of hair
  • Add shine and give smooth texture
  • Correct the brassy tone of hair

Hair gloss is a semi permanent dye which is described as following:

Hair gloss

This product comes in clear and tinted shades which gives shine to your hair and condition it deeply as well. It revives your hair color by darkening it and refreshes the color of the lengths and ends. It is very easy to use and works greatly with all hair types and textures. So if you want to color your hair, add some highlights or revive your color treated hair then this is the perfect solution for you.

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Permanent hair color

Most of you may look at the hair coloring tips for permanent hair color. One can get a permanent hair color very easily which will cover all gray hair, give a rich hair tone and highlight your facial features. This method works by replacing your natural hair color and binding the pigments to the deeper layer of hair i.e. cortex. Therefore, it doesn’t wash off and grows out with hair. You need touch ups at the roots to make the demarcation between root and hair color less noticeable. This can be damaging to the hair because of the presence of harmful chemicals.

Alternative color

In this hair coloring tips, I covered alternative color as well because these are synthetic colors which are not found in nature and therefore you can get variety of color such as green and fuchsia. The interesting thing about them is that some shades react with the black light to show up under the dimly lighted places such as nightclubs. The chemical formula of these dyes contains no developer and has only dye means they will create only the bright color and you will need to bleach your hair in order to apply alternative dye if you have dark hair. Some of them are semi permanent and lasts up to few months such as blue and purple shade.


This method involves few sections of your hair and thus rest of hair remains undamaged. Some stands of your hair is taken and bleached in this method and then get wrapped in a special foil. It is started from hairline to the crown so the streaks are fully visible and complements your hair color.

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This method also involve partial coloring of hair. You are made to wear a tight plastic hair cap which has small holes all over it. Some strands are taken out from those holes and color has been applied on it. This gives a nice color effect to your hair and enhance you appearance.


People usually get confused with streaks and highlights. Highlights involve thin slices of hair while streaks involve thick volume of hair. The other major difference is color of streak is different than your hair color while color of highlights is chosen according to your hair color. Highlights give a soft look to your hair and generally added to the ends.

Color shampoos

This method is the easiest method because you just have to wash your hair with it and you will get hair color while adding shine to it. It is Demi permanent and lasts up to 24 washes, blends away the gray hair and gives a natural looking color. It is enriched with Argan oil therefore it also nourishes your hair while coloring it. It is ammonia free and thus safe to use.


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