Recreational Marijuana Use: What Does It Do To Your Health?

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It is completely true that marijuana is now being viewed in a new light. In fact, in the United States alone there are now nine states where recreational marijuana use is legal. These states are Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, California, Vermont, and the District of Columbia. And, there are many more states looking to follow in pursuit. With more than 20 million people using the drug recreationally marijuana is the most popular street drug in the country. So, what do you really need to know about recreational marijuana use and how is it really affecting your body and mind?

How Does Marijuana Work On The Brain?

When you smoke or eat marijuana you are inducing chemicals known as cannabinoids into the body. Of course, the most potent and present cannabinoid in marijuana is THC, which is the psychoactive substance that produces euphoric feelings. These cannabinoids will move from your lungs or stomach and eventually reach your blood. From the blood is where they will travel to the brain and thus the rest of the body. Once it reaches the brain it is going to interact and attach to different receptors.

What Are The Effects Of Marijuana Use?

It is true that everyone experiences a high differently. And, this is because of the genetic makeup of the body. The effects that a person will experience will be the same. They can vary from individual to individual. However, there are other factors that can enhance or decrease the effects as well. For instance, the amount that you are consuming and the frequency of use along with the potency of the strain can all play a role in the effects that a user will experience. When you consume more marijuana it means that you are introducing more THC into the body so obviously more THC means that the effects are going to be greater.

Short-term users usually experience a lack of ability to think and solve problems, a lack of coordination, reduced reaction time, a lack of judgment, loss of memory, and changes in mood when consuming marijuana. The effects are a bit different from long-term users as they usually experience memory loss, trouble learning and thinking, complete changes in brain structure, and trouble concentrating.

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How Does Marijuana Affect The Health

It has long been debated that marijuana is safer than drinking alcohol. However, it should be noted that each substance really has different effects on the body and most tests or studies involve heavy, chronic smokers and drinkers, not the occasional user. If you are going to use marijuana as opposed to weed, you need to make sure that you are always ready for a drug test and many websites can help you with that. How does marijuana affect the health of the use? Well, you can obviously guess that it is going to cause long-term lung problems just like cigarettes. This is assuming that you are smoking the substance. It can also cause intense nausea and vomiting, faster heart rate, depression, anxiety, and it the worst cases psychosis.

Marijuana Affecting Younger Adults

It seems like the younger generations are now experimenting around with marijuana more frequently. Well, the effects of marijuana are more significant when it comes to younger users. And, this is because your brain is still developing until you hit 25. This means that if you are a young user and you are consuming marijuana on a regular basis you are opening yourself up to a whole host of problems. In fact, chronic teenaged users of marijuana can experience lower IQs, changes in the brain where learning, memory, and attention take place, anxiety, depression, and an overall decrease in performance.

How Do Edibles Affect Your Health As Compared To Smoking?

Over the years edibles have become extremely popular. You will find people infusing their weed with everything from brownies to gummy bears. Some marijuana vendors are now even carrying marijuana-infused drinks. So, how do edibles affect your body? Well, first off the effects of edibles will come on slower, which means there is always a greater risk that you will take more. Smoking produces rapid onset effects, but that is not the case with edibles. You’ll take a bite and feel nothing, take another bite and still feel nothing, and until the effects come on, you won’t realize that you have taken too much.

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