Reasons Why You Need To Know the Brands of your E-cigar

Reasons Why You Need To Know the Brands of your E-cigar

With many e-cig brands in the market, it could be challenging to make the right decision. Each brand is unique in its ways and you will find some few similarities as far as designing the electronic cigarettes is concerned. When you need to buy an electronic cigarette, your focus should be on getting quality and something that will guarantee you an awesome experience. The best place to find information is on review sites that buy the e-cigs and test them in their in-house experiments. This will help you find useful information that will help you make the right decision.

One of the most important factors you should consider when buying e-cigs is the brand. The reason this is necessary is because there are brands with a history of making high quality electronic cigarettes and they will likely give you a perfect option that will serve your needs adequately. The market is flooded with new entrants, and you may not have enough information about them to decide if they are perfect to offer you the kind of quality you expect from an e-cig. Popular brands offer you a good way to decide because they have many reviews from users, so you can easily tell when the brand is reliable and suitable for your needs.

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Best e-cig Brands

Since 2007, electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity and now there are many brands that manufacture e-cigs. Choosing the right brand is the beginning of a good experience, so you should ensure that you don’t miss this point as it will determine what value you will reap from using the e-cig. Here are trusted E-Cig Brands – The best e-cigarettes manufacturers list.


This is an e-cig manufacturer that gives you a wide variety of .The reason they have risen to the top is that of the fact they have invested in offering brands for all categories of users. They produce both dry leaf vaporizers liquid e-cigs. The brand has been operational since 2008 and within this period they have come up with different types of vaporizers. This is the go-to brand if you want well-performing electronic cigarettes as well as a variety that would help you enjoy a smooth experience while vaping.

Om Vapors

Founded in 2014, Om Vapors has continued to diversify its product offerings to include e-cigs for users in broad categories. They deal with e-liquids and they offer more than 30 flavors that are unique and suited to users with different intentions. Their processing and shipping times are especially impressive, and you will love the way their products are designed to offer you the satisfaction you desire to achieve. After you have bought your first electronic cigarette, you should look for an e-liquid retailer with a good reputation as having a good e-cig is not enough to get you the perfect results you need.

Green Smoke

Founded in 2008 by a couple, Green Smoke has continued to grow and is currently one of the best e-cig brands in the market. The company specializes in the production of electronic cigarettes, and they have excelled especially in optimizing their sales process and ensuring customers enjoy a perfect experience. They will guide you through the different types of e-cigs on offer so you are able to buy the perfect electronic cigarette for your needs. You will also get accessories required for e-cigs.

What to look for when choosing an electronic cigarette

When buying your first electronic cigarette, probably you don’t know much about the brands in the market and would like to make the right decision. At this point, you need to focus on the strong points that make a brand superior and suitable to serve your needs. There are factors you should look for when choosing an e-cig brand that will help you make the right decision, here are few.

     Read reviews

The most foolproof way to know if a brand offers legit products is looking at their reviews left by customers. Reviewers leave honest reviews about their experience with the brand and this will open your eyes to see flaws a company may be hiding.

     Battery life

How long is the battery able to last without giving interruptions to your experience? This is a primary concern that must guide your decision when buying your first e-cig. Some budget e-cigs may not offer good battery life, so if you have the money it’s recommended to go for established brands.


Warranty protects you in case the e-cig turns out defective after few weeks or months. You can return it and get a replacement depending on the agreement you have on the warranty.

Buying the right e-cig brand is something that may feel intimidating at first, but with good research and the dedication to source for the right information you can find the perfect brand to buy from. Consider reputation of the brand and their product variety to make a decision. A brand with a wide product variety is ideal as you can browse to see what can satisfy your needs.