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OMG! Rashmi Desai is suffering from this disease….

Rashmi Desai who is a very popular figure of the idiot box is missing from the main screen since past some days. And you will be amazed to know the reason.

The lady who was last seen in Dil Se Dil Tak is known to be suffering from a rare skin care disease. The disease is known as Psoriasis.

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OMG! Rashmi Desai is suffering from this disease….

Yes, Psoriasis is a rare skin condition which when treated leads to gaining of extra weight. The skin condition is worsened by sun exposure and thus a person suffering from the same need to limit his or her sun exposure.

The actress shared “Last year, in December, I was diagnosed with Psoriasis, which is a skin problem. It takes a lot of time to be cured and some times, one isn’t completely fine.”. She shot for a digital show while she was suffering from Psoriasis but the show is currently on hold.

Also, the actress says that now her psoriasis is now completely under control. She is now only working on how to lose weight gained during that process.

She also said “I was not allowed to go in the sun as the heat aggravates the problem. It also escalates due to stress but it was impossible not to be stressed out about the condition as I am an actor and in this business, ac actor’s face is everything”.


Also, the actress said that she is aware of a number of actors who suffer from the same but are ashamed of sharing it. Thus, she decided to come forward and share about her experience.

She added “I was so frightened and my friends told me not to talk to people about it. I am talking about it now because I feel people should know that it is treatable and nothing to be ashamed of. I know of a few actors who have psoriasis but stay mum about it”.

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