Top Pros and Cons of Scar Creams

Scar Removal Pros and Cons

The formation of scars is the body’s only process of healing tissues that have undergone damage. Besides being created by a wound from traumas, surgeries, and burns, blemishes can also emanate from constant skin inflammation, acne, skin abrasion, and skin infections.

No one likes scars due to the permanent mark they leave on their face or any other part of their body. This makes it hard for scar victims to face the world confidently.

Now, you don’t have to live with scars or invest a massive amount of money to have them surgically removed. You can effectively reduce the appearance of the blemishes with the assistance of scar creams. They are affordable medications that have shown considerable effectiveness in reducing scars and healing the skin.

The products incorporate ingredients that have been scientifically tested to ensure safety to the users.

That said, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of scar creams:


  1. They Improve Skin Appearance

Scar cream reduces the appearance of old and new scars. The products contain skin-friendly ingredients that moisturize the skin and enhance microcirculation. Improved circulation allows more nutrients to reach the damaged tissue. Hence, the blemish heals from inside and diminishes in size within a few weeks.

Several scar creams incorporate medical silicone (polymerized siloxanes) which protects the affected area from environmental irritants such as UV rays. Besides reducing the size of scars, medical grade silicone improves the texture and color of the healing tissue. Some products contain Tocopherol(vitamin E), which has strong antioxidant properties and profound moisturizing effect.

Several scar creams contain all-natural extracts, including aloe vera, cepa bulb, chamomile, and dandelion. The ingredients not only diminish scars but also contribute to a smooth, youthful skin appearance.

  • Do Not Require A Prescription

You do not need a prescription from your physician to use most of the scar creams. The products are generally safe, unlike injections and dermal fillers, which can contribute to detrimental effects when overdosed. Moreover, the application of scar cream is hassle-free and won’t take much of your time.

Hence, you don’t need to visit a doctor to acquire the medication. Just walk into your nearest drugstore or purchase best scar cream on

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Nonetheless, experts advise scar patients with overly sensitive skin to consult with professional doctors in a bid to ascertain that the ingredients of a particular product are safe for their skin.

  • Budget-Friendly

Several scar reduction and removal alternatives exist. However, some options, such as skin grafting, laser resurfacing, and surgical revisions are undoubtedly costly. Besides, the administration of dermal fillers and other injections are carried out in several sessions whose overall cost cannot be underestimated. Hence, few patients can afford the scar treatments. Fortunately, you can purchase a scar cream at a mere price of $18 while the highly rated creams cost about $30.

  • Comfortable And Safe To Use

Scar creams free you from pain and discomfort while at the same time effectively fading blemishes. Undeniably, several patients are scared of injections and considering that the treatment involves plenty of sessions, the whole experience can be very uncomfortable.

Moreover, invasive procedures come with potential health risks. It’s noteworthy mentioning that injectables cause troubling side effects to the patients, including irritation, itching, and not forgetting other serious health issues when the products are absorbed into the bloodstream. Scar creams are generally safe and have little to zero side-effects.


  • Takes Time To Heal Scars

Scar creams are not one-day magic solutions to blemishes. They work on scars progressively and hence, don’t anticipate immediate results from the products. Additionally, visible results appear after prolonged application. The products generally reduce fresh scars within a few weeks. Contrarily, it may take months to heal old or complex scars resulting from cuts or surgical procedures. Hence, hold your horses and allow the product to work on its own pace. Most importantly, know that the scar reduction time will depend on the type, shape, and size of your scar.

  • Pungent Odor

Some scar creams contain ingredients such as onion extracts and disinfectants, which contribute to the distinctive scent of the products. Several users find the smell intolerable. Furthermore, the strong odor may trigger allergic reactions such as headache, sneezing, and fatigue to vulnerable consumers. Consequently, get to know if a scar cream is odorless or not before ordering online or purchasing from a drugstore.


Scar creams are effective methods to reduce or remove scars. As they heal the damaged tissues, they improve skin appearance and tone. They also incorporate additional ingredients that enhance the elasticity of your skin by triggering collagen production. Hence, you achieve youthful skin. Scar creams are safe to use, have little to zero side effects, and are budget-friendly compared to other scar reduction methods. Nonetheless, you will be required to be persistent since the products produce results with continued application.

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