Meet Indian Origin beauty, Priya Serrao who is Miss Universe Australia 2019

miss universe australia - priya serrao

Indian Origin Priya Serrao is the newly crowned Miss Universe Australia 2019. The 26-year-old beauty is ruling the headlines since her recent win. People in India are extremely proud of this beauty and are currently going crazy over her Instagram pictures.  She is all slated to contest for Miss Universe 2019.

She is a graceful beauty who competed with 26 other beauties to win this title in Melbourne. She was born in India and lived in Oman and Dubai and finally, her family settled in Melbourne where she went on to win the 15th Miss Universe Australia Pageant.

Priya was born at a small place in Karnataka. She spends most of her childhood at Oman and UAE. She moved to Australia when she was just 11 years old. It took her some time to get adjusted to the life and culture of western people.

Prior to her win she also worked as a Policy Advisor for the Government of Victoria and was also working at the Supreme court of Victoria as a lawyer. She also holds a degree in art as well as in law.

Coming back to her win, the young lady was never sure about her win. She shared

“I thought it’d be sad (that) they’d see me not make it, and they’d miss out,”

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On 10th March 2019, she was selected as one of the finalists in the competition for Victoria. And she competed against 26 other women and finally won the crown on 27th June 2019.

The first runner up was Bella Kasimba and the second runner up was Marijana Radmanovic.

Priya quoted to the media as

“I just want to see more diversity and the fact someone that looks like me and has my background is here is amazing. I have never entered a pageant before and I have never done modelling before… So this was a huge surprise. I wanted to be a part of the experience,”

Regarding her future journey, she will next be seen in Miss Universe 2019 and we wish the beauty all the best for her future journey.

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