Telltale Signs Your Teen Needs Prescription Glasses

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As a loving parent, there is no doubt that you want the best for your child, and keeping them healthy is always the main priority. Although, when it comes to some aspects of health, such as eyesight, it can be challenging to determine how well your teen can see in general. While there are several ways to keep eyes healthy, various factors can degrade eyesight.

What’s more, if your teen has lacking vision abilities, it is plausible that their eyesight could be deteriorating at such a gradual pace that they are not aware of it; this type of deterioration is even common in adults. With that said, these are the most notable signs that your teen may need prescription lenses.


If you notice your child squinting often, you should take them for an eye test with a local optometrist to determine if they need . Squinting indicates refractive errors, which influence the ability to focus. Because squinting the eyes allows temporary focus, it is a telltale sign that prescription lenses are necessary.

Covering One Eye Or Head Tilting

The actions of covering one eye or tilting the head are an indication that your child is attempting to enhance their vision or diminish possible double vision. These actions are temporarily effective if eyes are misaligned or if your teen has a condition known commonly as lazy eye, . Prescription lenses and eye exercises can effectively treat the condition and enhance vision.

Frequent Eye Rubbing

Straining eyes often to see clearly will cause fatigue. So if you notice your teen is frequently rubbing their eyes, you should consider an eye test as they may have vision problems. Constant eye rubbing is one of the most common red flags for eyesight issues in children and even adults.

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Eye Pain And Headaches

Straining eyes often won’t just cause eye fatigue. The constant strain will also lead to eye pain and headaches. If your child is constantly complaining of pain symptoms, they are likely having trouble seeing well and will benefit from prescription lenses.

Trouble Concentrating And Weak Reading Comprehension

If your child has trouble concentrating at school or home, they could be experiencing vision problems that are hindering their ability to focus, which is essential for concentration. Another associated sign will be difficulty reading and understanding written text.

Eyesight problems are prevalent, and more often than not, there is nothing to worry about. If you catch the signs early and invest in prescription lenses for your child, their eyesight will improve over time in most cases. The key is to be vigilant for the telltale signs and ensure you have your teen taken for an eyesight test at least once a year, even if their eyesight seems fine.

Because even children and adults with perfectly healthy vision can develop issues over time, an annual eye test is crucial. In addition, you will also need to take your child every year for follow-up tests if they have prescription lenses, as the lens strength and specifics might need to be adjusted.

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