How to Stay Well Groomed on a Budget

stay well groomed

Taking care of your body is the first and most vital step of self-care. Staying well-groomed isn’t only for the ladies. Poor grooming should never put a damper on your ability to funny connect with anyone. From maintaining your beard to taking care of your hair and skin, there’s a lot that goes in there.

If you’re new to self-grooming or want to use some help to sort it without falling out of your budget, then you’re at the right place. We are here to guide you on staying well-groomed on a budget with the help of various tips and suggestions. Not only this, with the help of exclusive you can bag a straight 20% discount on Beard growth oil and a 44% rebate on the Beardo Signature kit.

Let’s check out the tips that won’t cost you a penny while you are on your path to self-care:

You might have noticed that the majority of the soaps and shampoos available in the market have been manufactured from a feminine perspective. Thanks to brands like Wild Stone, Beardo, The Man Company, and others, you can choose from your desired fragrance and type of shampoo and soaps. You can check out some selected items from Beardo like the Deep sea brick soap and Activated Charcoal soap available at Rs.195. The popular Beer Shampoo from Park Avenue has proven to be beneficial for men’s hair and it is something to look out for definitely.

This is yet another step that won’t require any hefty investment other than a nail cutter if you haven’t got that already. Men often don’t care about their nails and toe-nails are the most overlooked part of their bodies. We suggest you invest 10 mins of your busy life every 2-3 weeks depending on your nail growth and you will see your nails will be tidy like your school days. It will also improve your health as the number of impurities that often settle in your nails will reduce drastically.

Those who are interested in grooming their nails a bit more can purchase a mani-pedi kit for men from and URBANMAC which are available at Rs.925 and Rs.295 respectively. The mani-pedi kit is more about self-care and self-grooming than being a ‘non-masculine activity.’ Therefore, one shouldn’t deter from indulging in some nail care!

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Men’s skincare is famous for turning up as multipurpose items and brands like Himalaya, Beardo, The Man Company, etc. are leaders in providing face scrubs that can be used as exfoliators and even face washes. Moreover, using these multipurpose products will save a lot of money and space on your washroom cabinet.

Beardo is offering Body Lotion for Rs.499 that can also be used as a moisturizer if you are creative enough! Bombay Shaving Company has launched a new all-in-one face wash which doubles up as a face scrub as well as an exfoliator. You must check that out in time!

Maintaining a clean look can be a great task because of regular shaving and its underlying costs. Not to mention the ever-rising cost of razors, shaving foams, and after-shave lotions. You can hop on to Beardo and Bombay Shaving Company to grab shaving and grooming kits at an affordable price. You can even try growing your beard if maintaining a clean shave seems like a great task to you.

With the help of Beard oils, serums, wax, softeners, beard wash, and other products manufactured especially for beards, one can easily maintain a well-groomed and maintained beard look. Beardo is offering as high as a 44% discount on its Beardo Godfather Beard kit which will offer everything that it takes to grow that stubble into a full-fledged Beard God! 

Maintaining a well-groomed look can be easy for men with the help of proper guidance and tips just like this article presented. Customers must keep in mind that on a tight budget, it is important that they spend only on necessary activities. This is possible with the application of proper discounts and promo codes. With the help of Beardo coupons, customers can save huge amounts of money while shopping for their desired skincare, haircare, or even beard care items from Beardo.

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