Nude Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures]

Nude Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures]

Makeup is something that no girl can resist especially when they are attending a party or just hanging out casually with friends. What if you just cannot stop yourself from applying it every day. Now, this is something that people might around you might not like and may even consider your beauty to be fake. They would judge you to be hiding your real beauty when actually you are just trying to groom up yourself with a little touch. At times, women accidentally apply too much of makeup even when it isn’t needed. So girls, if you are facing an issue in which you just have to apply makeup without making it noticeable on a regular basis.

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You must follow the following nude makeup tutorial:

Nude Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures] 1

Step 1- Cleansing Milk Massage

Now facewash is something that every person does regularly so that is something that is obvious and shouldn’t be mentioned over here. But let me tell you one thing, facewash is not sufficient to get rid of dirt. It might clean the epidermal layer of your skin but the real cleanliness can be witnessed only after you clean your face with cleansing milk. Just dip a ball of cotton in cleansing milk and rub it over your face. You will find dust particles or any other dirt collecting on the cotton. Cleansing milk enters your pores and cleanses both inner as well as outer layers of your skin.

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Nude Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures] 2

Step 2- Applying Foundation

Foundation is something that people think can make them look fairer and they definitely use it to hide their real complexion but if you think so then you are absolutely wrong. It is just used to hide dark circles or any mark that might hide your makeup so please when you apply foundation on your face just ensure it matches your skin tone. Mix it in the proper ratio 3:1 with the cream and don’t apply it directly.

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Nude Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures] 3

Step 3- Kajal

It is okay to use kajal even in a no-makeup look as kajal is something that may be a part of makeup but it can be applied regularly. It simply highlights the real texture of your eyes in the most beautiful manner. Since it is nude makeup so you have to draw a very thin line with the kajal as you just have to highlight your eyes, not your makeup.

Nude Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures] 4

Step 4- Applying Eye Shadow

If you are someone who has no idea on how to do neutral makeup then you don’t have to worry. You can even apply eye shadow in nude makeup but there are a few things you have to be careful about. You should use a very light colour that will just highlight your eyes and not the colour of the eye shadow. Here, you are not dressing for a party so ensure that your eye shadow is applied in a very less quantity. Just apply a single light layer to reveal the contours of your eyelids.

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Nude Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures] 5

Step 5- Applying Blush

Again, you have to just highlight your cheeks and not the colour of your blush. When you are applying blush just ensure that the colour is either pink or lightish brown. Apply the blush gently on your cheekbones only. Cheeks are the only areas that should be focused if you are getting just for a casual day. The pink colour will reveal your cheeks and make them look attractive and glimmery.

Nude Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures] 6

Step 6- Lip Balm

Most of the girls have a habit of applying lipsticks regularly but let me tell you one thing. Lipsticks can harm the quality of your lips and make them rough and dry. So avoid using lipstiks and just apply lip balms instead. They not only enhance the quality of your lips but also make them appear lusturous and decently colourful.

Did you find this post helpful? Do apply makeup using ths above tutorial and share your pictures below if the tutorial was helpful?

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