From Nude Calendars to Women World Cup Football Team

From Nude Calendars to Women World Cup Football Team

From Nude Calendars to Women World Cup Football Team

Sometimes the only way to get noticed is by getting into some controversy.  And the women football team knew it very well. that is the reason all of them posed for a photoshoot which they knew will definitely make headlines in the future.

The Australian football team was facing a cash crunch. Though all of them were international players this financial struggle was not letting them play and thus after a booze session, they decided to pose nude for a calendar shoot which would go on sale in the future. 12 of these players posed for black and white pictures for a calendar shoot. And can you believe none of them ever felt awkward?

Nudity was never a concern for Boyd who featured in the August month calendar. She remembers casually chatting with the photographer minutes before her shoot.

“It was all done very tastefully, at no time did we feel preyed upon, no-one felt that we were just objects,”

“It was no different to the changing rooms. Some girls would shower in their bras and undies and those sorts of girls would never put themselves on the calendar. Pretty much the girls who were in the calendar were the same girls who didn’t mind getting their gear off, having a shower, getting dressed and moving on.”

No wonder the launch was full of journalists asking all sorts of questions.

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“A lap dance of honor at the Olympics? A free trip to a massage parlor with every season ticket?”

As per the reports, the original print runs to 5000 copies which was later increased to 45000 copies.

From Nude Calendars to Women World Cup Football Team

But what happened after this was interesting. The entire women football team got instant recognition. Also, everyone came to know that the women football team are getting no financial reward for the same. Actually, Boyd had to pay AUS $500 when she wanted to get trained under the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.

But sadly the calendar step never was a solution for their financial woes. They couldn’t gain anything from the calendar sales. But what they gained was an uncountable and memorable fan base and huge support which is prevailing even till today.

That’s the way to go girls. More power to you.

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