Bodybuilder, Norton Camarena Earns Big

Bodybuilder earns big

Bodybuilder earns big

Bodybuilder Norton Camarena has been interested in bodybuilding and building up his physique since ages. This is the reason he started quite early in his career and developing his body too. Since he was very young he used to visit bodybuilding competitions and was quite attracted by their physiques and bulked up body. When he was just 7 years old, Camarena began attending Mr. Laredo competition.

He recalls

“Ever since I was a kid I was attracted to the gym and fitness,” Camarena said. “It was not until I was 17 years old that I joined the gym. At the time, Gold’s Gym was pretty new and expensive. I did not have a ride until my neighbor offered to transport me back and forth.”

Recently, Camarena won the Europe Dallas in Men’s classic physique and also took home the same title in the overall category. Camarena was competing in class A which is 5-6 feet to 170 pounds, and this is considered as one of the hardest categories in men’s classic physique.

Bodybuilder earns big

The man shared

“In overall you just don’t beat your class, you beat everyone. If you are able to pull a win at Europa Dallas, that means that you have what it takes to be in the top six at the national level to become a professional. It was a big show, an amazing turnout, a lot of competition. I was the only one from Laredo that brought first place in the overall.”

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The man is now aiming next at NPC USA championship in Las Vegas which is scheduled from July 26-27. A victory at Las Vegas would earn him IFBB Pro Card which he has been dreaming for since very long.

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Bodybuilder earns big

He loved the physique of a bodybuilder but never wanted to compete there because he was not willing to present himself at the center stage. But his source of inspiration was IFBB Pro Gabriela Cadena. And thus he decided to compete from 2015. He started with Mr. Laredo and secured second place. A month later he was also placed second at McAllen show. He took a break from his competition and prepped his body and made a comeback again in 2018. He finally competed at the Battle on Bay where he, fortunately, won the first place.

“Gabriela started to compete four of five times a year, and I would see what she went through. This is when I started to train wiser and bringing in a good diet. I started to understand how to build a great physique, and little by little we got better.”

Camarena decided that he needed a bigger stage and thus he is now aiming for the Europe Dallas.

Bodybuilder earns big

“This is a big, big show. The Europa Dallas is a one of the biggest expos and shows in the nation. Over 500 competitors compete in the show from all over. They compete in Europa because they know that the competition level is close to the national level and a good way to test yourself.”

Finally, he shares

“When I was the last one they called out, I was excited. A lot of sacrifice went into the preparation, and all the hard work paid off. Gabriela is an amazing coach.”


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