New Brand Spotlight: Hot Juice Eliquids Review

New Brand Spotlight: Hot Juice Eliquids Review

Welcome to our Hot Juice liquids review, where we provide you with everything you need to know about Hot Juice vape juice. We will look at the different types of liquids that Hot Juice offers, what the critics have to say about Hot Juice, and a final summary of everything.

Hot Juice is a vape juice manufacturer, supplier, and seller of premium vape juice products. They are based in California, USA. Hot Juice’s team is comprised of self-proclaimed ‘‘vaping enthusiasts, industry veterans, DIY vapor techs, vape connoisseurs, and anti-smoking advocates’’. This elite team works out of its own professional laboratory. If you want to check them out you can visit Hot Juices’s Website

All these people have come together to share their love of the vaping lifestyle, and combine their talents to bring you the best e-juice flavors, and CBD vape juice products. Hot Juice’s slogan is ‘America’s Favourite Vape Juice’ – a statement that you’ll have to agree with after reading our review!

Vape Juice – What Kinds Are Available?

Right now Hot Juice has 65 different vape juice flavors available to choose from, with plans to introduce 300 more fantastic e-liquid varieties within the next 12 months. From the current e-juice flavors on offer, there is a pretty wide and impressive selection of tastes to choose from!

Vapers can currently try flavors such as Bacon Bits, Cherry Splash, Crunch Master, Cuppa Joe, Double Bubble, Doublemint Chew, Fruit Blaster, Juicy Watermelon, Grape Escape, Green Apple Tango, Midnight Mocha, Paradise Peach, Philly Cream Soda, Smokey Apple, Strawberry Lemonade, Swedish Gummies, Sweet Pop, Vanilla Berry Cake, and so many more!

Did you know that there are vape juices now available that combine your favorite flavors with cannabis and hemp? These fantastic new vape juices (known as CBD Vape Juice) are also growing in popularity in the online vape market. Hot Juice has an excellent selection of CBD vape juice too!

As Hot Juice liquids are growing at an alarming rate, it’s great news that you can arrange bulk orders with them, to stock up for a long time. If that wasn’t enough, orders over $49 benefit from free shipping, so it’s definitely worth ordering more if you’re a regular vaper.

In addition, Hot Juice provides vapers with access to varying levels of nicotine for their e-juice flavors. There is the ‘Ultralight/Dripper’ level at 3mg, the ‘Light’ level at 11mg, the ‘Regular’ level at 18mg, and the highest level ‘‘Strong’’ at 24mg, otherwise, there is the nicotine-free option.

E Juice – What Do The Critics Think?

The reviews of Hot Juice online are overwhelmingly positive, with many website reviews agreeing that the vape juice varieties that they produce are high-quality, innovative, and most importantly, excellent-tasting e-liquid products. Currently, many major critics seem to be impressed with the nine e-juice categories offered by Hot Juice.

Vape Beat, for instance, was particularly enamored with the fact that Hot Juice has enabled vapers to choose the dosage of nicotine or cannabinol. Vapers are able to choose an amount between 25mg to 5000mg. Additionally, they highlighted that Hot Juice uses locally sourced ingredients in all of its products.

All the critics seem to agree that the 99% purity that Hot Juice has achieved in its CBD products is a real achievement. Vaper City gave Hot Juice a whopping 9.5 on its rating scale! They based this score on various factors including affordability, varied product range and more.

Health Transformation described Hot Juice as a ‘‘solid platform’’ in terms of helping people to free themselves from smoking addictions. Health Transformation also described Hot Juice’s online vape store as being ‘‘one of the easiest online stores to navigate’’, while also offering quick shipping and a great auto-renewal service.

E-Liquid – A Summary

So all in all, Hot Juice is a premium provider of high-quality vape products and CBD vape juices. Critics are raving about them, and there don’t seem to be any negative comments about them. The few that were online said that their CBD products might not be affordable to all.

We wanted to give you the fairest, most honest, and most balanced review of Hot Juice. We simply couldn’t find any more negative comments – which can only be a good thing! Hot Juice comes across as a genuine group of people who want to share their love of vaping with everyone.

Our verdict on Hot Juice is this: they are an excellent provider of vape juice products and CBD vape juices, they excel with their authenticity in regards to the brilliant tastes they produce, and they need to release the rest of their vape juice flavors as soon as possible!

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