10 Nargis Fakhri No Makeup Pictures

Nargis Fakhri No Makeup Pictures

Nargis Mohammed Fakhri, an American Actress and model was born on October 20, 1979. The model was born in Queens, New York. She started her carrier in the age of 16 and made the debut film in Hindi drama ‘Rockstar’. The success of the film made her fame goes to peek and movies like ‘Madras Cafe’, and ‘Main Tera Hero’ took her name to next level. When we say the beauty and charm of our American actress has a unique distinction from others. Even when Nargis Fakhri no makeup, she has charm and cuteness overloaded. With her natural beauty, she also made her supporting role in Hollywood movie ‘ Spy’ in 2015.

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Following 10 pictures are the best natural pictures of Nargis Fakhri without makeup:

1. Cute Nargis Fakhri

The picture clearly tells that our Nargis can reveal her beauty even without makeup all the time. The girl loves to be in less makeup rather than appealing in heavy makeup. Even in this simple costume, she looks stunning and cute.

2. The Bombshell of Bollywood

The blue dress shirt proves that she can even look bold. Waving hair gets to know about love for adventure. The smile in her proves to be so innocent and killer look get us dizzy.

3. Beauty is always Beauty

The actress with no makeup can be spotted in many public places showing that she is a girl next to the door. This picture is totally different from that of on-screen persona. This one picture proves that she is our all time favorite.

4. With her Co-Star

Here comes the yet another picture of Nargis Fakhri with co-star Varun Dhawan. This Gym picture with her co-star has made the followers wooing with love. The picture has more charm and enigmatic. With a stunning look, Nagris can give many messages for her fan followers.

5. Morning Selfi

A morning selfi can feel us get a fresh look. That too while traveling in a car and hearing our favorite song is the perfect place to dream. The dream can help us to forget all our sorrows. So here is this one kind picture of Nagris. Even without makeup, she can give a natural look.

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6. A Friendly Look

Even after making blockbuster movie in her debut film, she is the only actress who really looks like a girl next to the door. Though she is sensational in top brands, she can even look stunning without makeup. The spots under eye are only the problem with her makeup. Other than this, she is best in her looks.

7. Hot Stunning Nargis Fakhri

With an exotic look, Nargis wins all the hearts of fans. Her smoky hair has the power of illuminating light and goes through many hearts of fans. That too without makeup, it even looks more hot and sizzling.

8. Tired Nargis Fakri

After working for a busy schedule, you feel exhausted and feel like sleepy. The skin needs to relax and this picture is when our Nargis took a selfie when resting. Even now also she looks damn cute and hot. The only problem is that she gets little line up under eye due to a heavy schedule. If she rests a bit, she will be quite glamour.

9. Morning Cup of Tea

A cup of tea or coffee will make your day fresher. One cannot take off their eyes from seeing her healthy skin. The Nargis having coffee will clearly show how to be fresh and beautiful.

10. The bold Nargis doing Yoga

Yoga makes our life to stay healthy. The secret behind the beautiful skin of Nargis is doing Yoga. So get a lesson from her and make your body healthy.

As a conclusion, only looking on-screen will not make an actress beautiful. Even off-screen also make them more charm. Our Nargis Fakhri no makeup pictures will clearly show that even without makeup one can definitely be beautiful with complete charm.


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