Nail Polish Tips: How to Get Model-Perfect Nail Polish Tips

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Have you ever wondered how some people get their nails to look so perfect? It’s not enough to want perfect nails. It’s hard work – and there are some hacks you might not know about. Here are our for the perfect manicure.

How to Get Glitter to Cover your Nail in One Try

Usually, it takes more than one coat of glitter to get your nails fully covered. Maybe you haven’t been doing it right all along? Dip the edge of a makeup sponge in glitter instead of painting directly on your nail. Then, apply the sponge on your nail. It will soak up most of the polish, leaving the glitter on the nail, so it goes opaque and thick in one go.

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How to Apply Sequins Easily

While the polish is still wet, put sequins on top, then finish with a topcoat. Alternatively, you could go for a lace coverage or silver or gold with flecks of glitter.

Don’t Forget the Top Coat

The top coat lends a glossy finish by sealing the polish’s color. To limit chipping, add another top coat layer every few days.

File in One Direction

Don’t use your nail file like a knife and move it every which way, because this makes nails more brittle and likely to peel. File in the direction of the grain with smooth strokes. Start at the outside edge and move toward the center. Hold the file near the nail and file as if from underneath if your nails are getting thin (or have always been). This way you won’t be tempted to overuse the file.

How to Get Chrome Nails and Other Special Effects

Chrome nails are really in right now. Are you wondering how to get them done right? You don’t want to resort to your manicurist again? The secret is long-lasting topcoat. Apply and let it dry for a few minutes. While it’s drying, apply a holographic or chrome nail powder using an eye shadow applier. Then, add another topcoat layer.

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Nail Polish Tips for Elongated Hands

If you have a medium or light skin tone, try a pinky nude or another flesh-colored polish. It will make your hands look longer and give them a more refined appearance.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

We’re all tempted by elaborate art or bright colors that scream “look”, but these treatments should not be overindulged in, because they can be harsh on the nails. Ideally, you shouldn’t do this more often than once every ten days. Between treatments, refresh your nails with a clear gloss. Going from one strong, harsh color to another can turn your nails yellow, dry them out, and make them brittle and weak with time.

When you go for interesting color combos, try something innovative like red and purple or blue and orange instead of banal white and pink designs.

Leave your nails unpolished once in a while, and go easy on the polish remover. This substance tends to weaken nails with time. According to experts, going all natural helps nails refresh and rejuvenate.

Make a Scrub

Experts recommend making a sugar scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. To do this, all you need is some honey and organic sugar. Mix the two, rub the mixture over your hands, and let it seep in, then wash your hands with cool water.

Leave Cuticles Alone

Cuticles can seem unsightly to us, but they’re what keeps the base of the nail healthy. Removing or cutting them leaves nails unprotected. They become vulnerable to bacteria and it is very probable that they will get infected. That’s why we recommend leaving cuticles alone. It’s also the best way to avoid hangnails.

We hope our nail polish tips have been helpful. We know that you’ll achieve the manicure of your dreams!

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