How To Motivate Your Kid for Outdoor Activities (like BaseBall)?

motivate kid for outdoor activities

Kids these days are given a myriad of options for entertainment and leisure, and fewer and fewer of them are requiring the kids to get up, go outside, and be active! There are people out there making millions off of your children sitting and playing video games or watching TV, and though a little bit of relaxation is good, too much can stunt the growth of your children’s brains and health.

Sports are often the key to unlocking your children’s active mindset, and one of the easiest sports to play with a large group of people is baseball!

Baseball is easy to pick up and play, you can buy most of the equipment you need and even Atlanta braves hat for very little money. And once you get that equipment, all you need to do is encourage your child to get out there and start playing.


You may ask, why is Baseball especially good for getting my child out into the fresh air? And this is a good question, of course, any sport that gets your child active is good and should be encouraged. However, Baseball is especially good, as it is a sport that champions teamwork, diligence, and skill.

Your kid may not become the opening fielder for the Atlanta Braves, but once they get out on that field, they will be encouraged to run around, compete with their peers, and make friends. For these 3 reasons, a sport is incredibly important to a young person’s health.

It keeps them active, exercising which increases their stamina, it provides them with a chance to compete with people of similar age, and it really helps keep their mental health in check. Physical exercise produces endorphins in the body that help a person to feel good, so after an hour on the field, your child will feel a bit happier!

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You might be asking how exactly to motivate your child to play Baseball. And luckily, this can be achieved very easily. Kids naturally aspire to be like those that seem successful and happy in adult life. What you can do with this in mind, is switch Baseball on the TV while you are spending some time with your child.

It’ll give them a chance to see how professionals play the sport and also show them the fanfare and fun that surrounds the popular sport. Better yet, take them to see a local Baseball game that is being played in your area.

Your child will get the chance to see teenagers and young adults receive praise and reward for competing in a match, and there is a chance that your child will be swept up in the excitement of it and want to go speak to the team manager about tryouts or practices!

Another good idea for a way to motivate your child is to buy them an official Baseball team hat and look for some cool-looking merchandise. Your child may like a Baseball jersey or an Atlanta Braves hat they can wear while practicing themselves.

Anything that helps them to enjoy playing the sport. They’ll look pretty stylish in their new attire and may want to go out and show it off. The most important thing is that you support them in any decision they make, if they are wary about competing in front of other people, you can reassure them that there is no pressure. Or, on the other hand, if they really love it, then you can support them as they begin to become more and more involved with the team.

Kids have so many different things to think about these days, and sometimes it leaves them in such a state that they can hardly find the time to go out and be kids, just play around and have fun!

But something like Baseball can provide that much-needed push, which will allow them to keep fit and active, make friends and have fun playing a sport that requires teamwork, effort, and communication. There’s not much that can go wrong, so talk to your child about getting out there and getting active today.

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