Most Iconic Hairstyles of our favorite royal ladies

Royal Princess Hairstyles

Royal ladies definitely have a touch of royalty in their fashion sense. And when it comes to hairstyle then the hats are hard to be ignored. The ladies look their best in those extravagant hats which reflects the polished look.

Let’s have a look at how the royal ladies play with their hair. What hairstyle do they wear with the hats and what all props do they use.

Let’s have a look at some of the most iconic hairstyles by our royal ladies –

1.Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge –

Most Iconic Hairstyles of our favorite royal ladies

For her first appearance at Royal Ascot in 2017, the lady wore a neat bun. Her thick flowing hair was well kept together even when the hairstyle was not too tight but even then the hair was nicely secured. Also, the simple and thin hair net helped a lot in getting the best of your hairstyle.

2. Princess Diana –

Princess Diana wears a blue dress, blue earring and blue cap

The lady was always different. And thus rather than sporting a luxurious hat, the lady spotted a head turban by Philip Somerville. The hat was of vibrant blue color and it held her hair very neatly.

3. Princess Beatrice –

Princess Beatrice with a black hat and braid hairstyle. Have a smile on her face

The young girl wore the fishtail braid and she tied it with a beautiful black grosgrain ribbon which equally had that royal charm.

4. Meghan Markle –

Meghan Markle with a black hat and bun hairstyle, wearing white dress

She had a modern look where her asymmetrical hat was perfectly complimenting the low and loose bun.

5. Princess Haya Bint –

Princess Haya Bint with a black hat and bun hairstyle, wearing Salmon color dress

The colorful feathers were the highlight of Princess Haya’s hat. She wore her hair completely side swept in a low bun.

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6. Sophie, Countess of Wessex –

Sophie, Countess of Wessex with a bun hairstyle, and cyan color hat and dress

This is a slightly complex hairstyle where her hair has been twisted and then pinned beautifully so that the focus stays on her drop earrings.

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7. Princess Eugenie –

Princess Eugenie, with bun hairstyle and blue flowery hat and coat

This is a slightly relaxed hairstyle with the hat. Here the hair has been very loosely tied. And some sidelocks have been left open to frame her face.

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8. Princess Beatrice –

Princess Beatrice with open hairstyle, wearing Khaki cap and white dress

The young princess looks beautiful in her ginger bouncy mid-length hair. Her dramatic hat is well complimenting her retro hairstyle.

9. Sarah Ferguson –

Sarah Fregsun with hair bun, wearing a blue cap and multi-color dress

This is a completely different style where her voluminous bun has been pinned and secured by her beautiful low hat.

10. Queen Elizabeth –

Queen Elizabeth with short hair, wearing dotted blue cap and multi-color dress

Her upturned hat and the side silver hair peeping through the sides is such a trademark hairstyle for the Royals.

11. Princess Haya Bint –

Princess Hayabint with hair bun and brown cap, white and brown dress

Here the Princess wore her chocolate brown hair with a floral headband and she replaced the hat completely.

12. Zara Tindall –

Zara Tindall with hair bun and white cap, black dress

Omg, such a dramatic hat. But for that, you also need a hairstyle equally dramatic. Her low shining hair tied in a bun is perfectly doing the trick.

13. Princess Michael of Kent –

Princess Michael of Kent with hair bun and white cap, black and white dress

Her wavy hair looked perfect with the large flower and then the hat.

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